If you have a thing for movies, then you already know of some movie stars who always spiced up their movies with cigarettes and cigars. To them, smoking has

Lucille Ballbeen part and parcel of their public image and without cigarettes, then the movie will either be boring or you will always notice something missing. You cannot blame them as smoking is one of the most common ways of experiencing personality.  Below are some of these movie stars with some of them who may be your favorite characters in popular movies.

Lucille Ball is probably the most popular smoking movie character of all times. She was always smoking in her movies and even made several advertisements and short commercials for Philip Moriss cigarettes. She took centre stage in the film industry in the 1950s to 1970s so most of us might probably not be so conversant with her save for our dads and mum who might have taken each out for her movies in a bid to woo each other. Ball was a comedienne, television, film and stage actress and was actually one of the most influential movie stars of America during her lifetime.

Then we have David Bowie. He is a man who had several onstage and offstage photos depicting him smoking or just posing with a cigarette. In his biography Stage Fascination, Bowie admits to have been a heavy smoker of both Gitane and Marlboro cigarettes. He also starred in the 50s and 70s like Lucille only that he is English. Bowie is today a musician, record producer and an arranger. Several musicians cite him for his distinctive voice as well as intellectual depth of work.

Immediately after David Bowie comes the queen of all smoking actresses and movie stars Bette Davis. She is widely known as an American film actress who was never ever without a cigarette. One of the most common scenes in her movie called Now, is where Paul Henried who is yet another smoking movie star places two cigarettes in his mouth then just lights them and passes one to the smoking queen Bette Davis. Bette was exceptionally good when it came to playing unsympathetic characters and taking romantic roles in record selling movies and miniseries. Her unsympathetic characters without a doubt match her smoking habits and could have even influenced several girls of her time into smoking.

Kate Moss seals the top four list just as you may have guessed. She is one of the wealthiest English models of our times. She smokes four packs of Marlboro lights daily and claims to have started smoking since she was 12 years of age. Kate has appeared in more than 200 magazine covers most of which sell her popular waifish figure and an uncommonly short height for a high class model. Perhaps it her wealth that gives her all the time and guts in the world to smoke as in 2007, Forbes magazine listed her as the 2nd in top earning models list. She has stars in several short films and advertisements probably more than any other model known for smoking.

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