Tobacco and Your Teeth: More than Stains to Worry About

Women who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes are up to seven times more likely to lose their teeth than women who do not smoke, a recent study indicates. Toxins in tobacco can lead to gum deterioration, which can lead to tooth loss.  Postmenopausal female smokers, for whom lower estrogen levels also play a factor in gum… Read More

New York City Proposes Another Anti-Smoking Law

When city mayors talk about making their cities safer, they usually mean that they plan to reduce the crime rate. When Mayor Michael Bloomberg talks about protecting New York residents, he doesn’t limit his rhetoric to the danger of muggers and mobsters. He aims to protect people from themselves. He has pushed — and sometimes… Read More

Current and Pending Laws Affect Your Access to Tobacco Products

A smoker’s right to smoke has steadily eroded over the past decade.   In some places, you can’t light up a traditional cigarette virtually anywhere except your own car or home. Smoking bans are one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes. But, if you smoke regular or e-cigarettes, you should be aware… Read More