The Two Faces of E-(Cigs) - FWWeekly

FWWeeklyThe Two Faces of E-(Cigs)FWWeeklyClyde’s friend is one of many people quietly getting high in public these days with the help of e-cigs. There’s no smell from vaporized marijuana to give it away, just as when e-cig smokers use tobacco. The vapor technology, designed to help tobacco … .

E-cigarette cafe in Moncton sparks debate about regulations

A new e-cigarette cafe in Moncton is sparking debate about whether health regulations for the electronic devices are needed sooner rather than later. .

E-cigarettes 'do not reduce use of conventional cigarettes' - Medical News Today

E-cigarettes ‘do not reduce use of conventional cigarettes’Medical News TodayThe debate surrounding the health benefits versus risks of electronic cigarettes has been heated in recent months. Medical News Today recently reported on a study by researchers at University College London in the UK, which suggests the devices reduce …Are e-cigarettes unhealthy?TheHealthSiteE-Cigarettes are not Better than… Read More

E-cigarettes May Boost Resistance of Drug-Resistant Pathogens - The Epoch Times

E-cigarettes May Boost Resistance of Drug-Resistant PathogensThe Epoch TimesTom Kim vapes, or smokes an electronic cigarette, at a Vaporium, April 29, in New York City. Researchers in San Diego found that exposure to e-cigarette vapor increased the virulence of bacteria, although not as much as exposure to cigarette smoke. .

E-cigarette devastation pictured: Gutted home of young mum after device BLEW UP while charging

This is the blackened shell of a home that faced a young mum after her e-cigarette blew up. Keeley Cooper, 22, had to grab her two sons and flee in terror after the anti-smoking aid left her flat looking like a bomb site. .

E-ciggies tend to influence young adult tobacco users to smoke

Study author Andrea King, PhD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience at the University of Chicago, said e-cigarette use has increased dramatically over the past few years, so observations and passive exposure will no doubt increase as well. They were paired with an actor, pretending to be a participant, who would smoke an e-cigarette or… Read More

General Mills, others fighting e-cig sellers’ use of trademarks

Flavored filters were on display at the V-Revolution e-cigarette store in London. Some use trademarked names like Tootsie Roll to describe their flavors. .

Improved Methods to Identify Frequent E-Cigarette Users Needed

As the prevalence of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) continues to grow, research from investigators at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and Rutgers School of Public Health shows more defined survey measurements are needed to better identify established users. Key say the authors is delineating experimental or ever use – from adoption or established use. .

General Mills, others fighting e-cig sellers' use of trademarks - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minneapolis Star TribuneGeneral Mills, others fighting e-cig sellers’ use of trademarksMinneapolis Star TribuneTweet Share via Email. Owners of brands geared toward children of all ages are battling to keep notable names like Thin Mint, Tootsie Roll and Cinnamon Toast Crunch off the flavored nicotine used in electronic cigarettes. General Mills Inc., the Girl …and more… Read More

New Green Smoke Coupon Code Offers 20% Discount During Memorial Day Sale

ECigBuzz, a reputed online e-cigarette review site, has announced the release of new Green Smoke coupon code, which offers up to 20% discount to users. The promo code “MDAY2014″ is available … .

With No Rules, E-Cig Brands are Smoking Up and Taking (Other Brand) Names -

With No Rules, E-Cig Brands are Smoking Up and Taking (Other Brand) Namesbrandchannel.comWhile the FDA says it is planning to regulate e-cigarettes, in which consumers purchase battery-powered devices filled with liquid nicotine, e-cig manufacturers are taking full advantage of the open marketplace to introduce its products to more consumers. .

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