Opposition forms to NC's e-cigarette tax proposal - News & Observer

WCTI12.comOpposition forms to NC’s e-cigarette tax proposalNews & ObserverThe Tax Foundation, another group that has supported the Republican legislative agenda in North Carolina, spoke favorably of the e-cigarette tax, saying it is better than Minnesota’s higher rate. “Ideally, all cigarettes should only be taxed at the …E-cigarette tax wrong on all levelsThe RobesonianNC Senate committee… Read More

Action 9: State considers tax on e-cigarettes, feds consider regulations - WSOC Charlotte

Action 9: State considers tax on e-cigarettes, feds consider regulationsWSOC CharlotteAction 9 spoke with the FDA’s tobacco chief Mitch Zeller. “With e-cigarettes in particular, there are profound questions about product safety, who is using them, how are they being used, and, right now, the marketplace is the wild, Wild West. The …Regulating Electronic Cigarettesabc40all 3… Read More

Does Forest Grove's proposed ban on e-cigarettes go too far? (editorial comment) - The Oregonian

Does Forest Grove’s proposed ban on e-cigarettes go too far? (editorial comment)The OregonianA proposed ban on smoking in city parks is headed to the Forest Grove City Council tonight, May 27, with at least one editorial voice warning against overreaching by including electronic cigarettes as a prohibited activity. Over the weekend, The … .

Candy, Snack Companies Want Names Off E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are getting some serious attention, and not just from smokers. Why aren’t these candy and cookie makers sweet on the smoking-hot e-cig market? .

Reynolds Boosts e-Cigarette Investment

Reynolds American Inc. (RAI) is geared to boost its presence in the growing e-cigarette category as a measure to offset its dwindling volumes. .

E-Cigarettes: China's Next Growth Industry

Amidst the growing global regulation on tobacco use and rising public awareness about the hazards of smoking, e-cigarettes are becoming a new, emerging industry. Invented by a Chinese medical researcher about one decade ago, electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that allow users simulate smoking by vaporizing liquid nicotine (among other additives), but in fact… Read More

Exposure to e-cigarette vapor increases MRSA virulence - Healio

Exposure to e-cigarette vapor increases MRSA virulenceHealioExposure to electronic cigarette vapor may increase the virulence of MRSA, researchers reported at the 2014 American Thoracic Society International Conference in San Diego. MRSA frequently colonizes the nasopharynx, which is exposed to e-cigarette …and more .

E-cigarettes 'not a healthy alternative to smoking,' say researchers - Medical News Today

E-cigarettes ‘not a healthy alternative to smoking,’ say researchersMedical News TodayThe debate surrounding the health benefits versus risks of electronic cigarettes has been heated in recent months. Medical News Today recently reported on a study by researchers at University College London in the UK, which suggests the devices reduce …E-Cigarettes are not Better than regular… Read More

Seeing E-Cigarette Use Encourages Young Adult Tobacco Users to Light Up

Seeing people use electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) increases the urge to smoke among regular combustible cigarettes users, according to a new study of young adult smokers. This elevated desire is as strong as when observing someone smoking a regular cigarette. .

E-cigarette tax wrong on all levels -

RALEIGH — The price of sound tax policy is eternal vigilance, and a year after the N.C. General Assembly implemented a tax reform plan based on sound principles of taxation and economics, it is threatening to begin the process of unraveling these reforms with a new excise tax on e-cigarettes. .

Candy and cookie makers want to keep names off e-cigarettes - Fox News

Fox NewsCandy and cookie makers want to keep names off e-cigarettesFox NewsOwners of brands geared toward children of all ages are battling to keep notable names like Thin Mint, Tootsie Roll and Cinnamon Toast Crunch off the flavored nicotine used in electronic cigarettes. Now the owners of those trademarks are fighting back …E-Cigarettes Anger Candy… Read More

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