To vape or not to vape? Locals debate e-cigarettes -

ChinatopixTo vape or not to vape? Locals debate e-cigarettesNooga.comDepending on whom you ask, e-cigarettes are either a relatively healthy alternative to traditional tobacco products or—as the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently said—potentially as harmful as other options. They are …Adult e-cigarette use on the rise, gains popularity especially among teensMountain… Read More

E-cigarette Industry is 'Wild, Wild West' - GPB

GPBE-cigarette Industry is ‘Wild, Wild West’GPBSince their arrival in the U.S. around 2007, electronic cigarettes have become all the rage on the nicotine market. They are currently a $2 billion-a-year industry, which still pales in comparison to $80 billion-a-year for regular tobacco. The e …Seeing E-Cigarette Use May Increase The Urge To Smoke Among Tobacco… Read More

E-cig 'link' as quit attempts fall

Statisticians say the rise of electronic cigarettes may explain a sharp fall in people seeking NHS help to quit smoking. .

Mother's terror as e-cigarette explodes while on charge

Keeley Cooper, 22, and her young sons had to abandon their third floor flat in Birmingham to the flames after the devise blew up while charging in her bedroom. .

Sweets makers want names off e-cig vapors - Staunton News Leader

MiamiHerald.comSweets makers want names off e-cig vaporsStaunton News LeaderRICHMOND – Owners of brands geared toward children of all ages are battling to keep notable names like Thin Mint, Tootsie Roll and Cinnamon Toast Crunch off the flavored nicotine used in electronic cigarettes. Now the owners of those trademarks are …Sweets Companies Send Cease and Desist… Read More

Look: Mum and two children flee as exploding e-cigarette sets flat alight

Keeley Cooper says she lost everything after flames from charging device set light to carpet and bed .

Brands aim to stop e-cigarette makers from using their trademarked names - KMTV

KMTVBrands aim to stop e-cigarette makers from using their trademarked namesKMTVIf you like your electronic cigarettes to taste like popular brands of candy, cereal or even Girl Scout cookies, you may be out of luck. Manufacturers of brands aimed at children are fighting through legal channels to keep their brand names off the …Thin Mint… Read More

Uncovering hazards of e-cigarettes - The Virginian-Pilot

Indian ExpressUncovering hazards of e-cigarettesThe Virginian-PilotThe answer, according to researchers at University College London, is that e-cigarettes were nearly twice as effective as patches and gum, currently the most popular nicotine-delivery devices for people trying to quit smoking. According to a story from …Experts urge curb on e-cigarette salesBangkok PostE-cigarettes can help smokers kick the… Read More

Branstad signs bill banning e-cigarette sales to minors - Sioux City Journal

Branstad signs bill banning e-cigarette sales to minorsSioux City JournalHouse File 2109, which Branstad approved with some concerns, would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors as well as the possession by minors of the battery-operated products that heat liquid nicotine and produce a vapor users can inhale. Lawmakers …and more .

New trend: E-cigarettes being used to smoke marijuana - MyFox Austin

New trend: E-cigarettes being used to smoke marijuanaMyFox AustinWith the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, police are learning they have a new drug trend to watch out for. People have found a way to smoke marijuana with them. The Create A Cig shop off Oltorf in Southeast Austin was packed Monday as users came in …… Read More

Regulating Electronic Cigarettes - abc40

Regulating Electronic Cigarettesabc40SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WGGB) — The use of electronic cigarettes is growing by the day, especially among young people. Unlike, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll your own, it’s not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA wants to extend …and more .

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