Schumer wants labels put on e-cigarettes -

Schumer wants labels put on e-cigaretteswivb.comDaryl Cura demonstrates an e-cigarette at Vape store in Chicago, Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The federal government wants to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors and require approval for new products and health warning labels under regulations … .

E-Cigarette Ads in Many Places - dailyRx

E-Cigarette Ads in Many PlacesdailyRx(dailyRx News) In 1998, significant restrictions were placed on advertising of cigarettes and other tobacco products in the United States. However, e-cigarette ads seem to be appearing in strength across many media channels, including TV, radio, the … .

Lady Gaga Will Pitch E-Cigarettes to Teens and Other Little Monsters - Businessweek (blog)Lady Gaga Will Pitch E-Cigarettes to Teens and Other Little MonstersBusinessweekNow, with Lady Gaga and other celebrities, such as Jenny McCarthy, hawking e-cigarettes, images of glamorous people raising small white cylinders to their mouths and exhaling white clouds are once again ubiquitous. Even Santa vapes! Public health …Lady Gaga Isn’t Pushing Blu E-Cigs After… Read More

Why Customers Choose E-Cigarettes - Convenience Store Decisions

Why Customers Choose E-CigarettesConvenience Store Decisions“E-cigarette sales have been growing at over 30% annually,” Bonnie Herzog, managing director of beverage, tobacco and convenience store research at Wells Fargo Securities LLC,” told Convenience Store Decisions. “E-cigarette sales could surpass the …and more .

Lakewood might restrict e-cigs, vapes like tobacco - The Cannabist

Lakewood might restrict e-cigs, vapes like tobaccoThe Cannabist”You can’t tell what they’re vaping. You don’t know if they’re using hash oil or a nicotine-based substance, because it doesn’t emit an odor,” says Lakewood deputy attorney Janet Young about a City Council proposal to ban electronic cigarettes from …Lakewood might put electronic smoking devices under tobacco… Read More

Vapor Zone Now Offering Franchising Opportunities for Exploding E-Cigarette Industry

Since its inception in the United States in 2007, the e-cigarette industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Advances in technology and greater public acceptance of this smoking alternative have allowed e-cigarettes … .

E-cigarettes may or may not be healthier, but they can save smokers some money

It’s difficult to say yet if electronic cigarettes are less harmful than regular fire-and-tobacco smokes, but they can save smokers hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Some in the growing industry are touting the battery-powered nicotine sticks as a way for smokers to save money in the face of rising taxes and prices… Read More

New e-cigarette restrictions take effect July 1

MINNEAPOLIS, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Freedom to Breathe coalition, a group of Minnesota’s leading health organizations, responded to new restrictions on e-cigarettes that were passed during the 2014 Legislative Session and will be enacted tomorrow. “Minnesota is leading the nation in taking steps to regulate e-cigarettes, which have the potential to addict youth… Read More

Philip Morris International Launches Marlboro E-Cigarettes - Headlines & Global News

Philip Morris International Launches Marlboro E-CigarettesHeadlines & Global NewsThe product will reportedly use real tobacco, not artificial tar that can be found in other, standard cigarettes. E-cigarettes ignite at temperatures of up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit, while nestled inside an iQOS – the shallow, pen-like device that …Phillip Morris (NYSE: PM) Has High Competition from… Read More

New Florida laws go into effect Tuesday: e-cigarette ban, sexual predators and ... - Florida Today

NBC 6 South FloridaNew Florida laws go into effect Tuesday: e-cigarette ban, sexual predators and …Florida TodayThe laws range from the “Florida GI Bill,” which is intended to make Florida the most military-friendly state in the nation, to lowering college costs and banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Also, starting July 1, private… Read More

EDITORIAL: Big Tobacco snuffs out e-cigarette legislation - Fresno Bee

Fresno BeeEDITORIAL: Big Tobacco snuffs out e-cigarette legislationFresno BeeBecause the jury is still out — and because the federal Food and Drug Administration is considering e-cig regulations — state Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett wanted to apply the state’s other smoking bans to electronic smoking. Meanwhile …Bills that would ban minors from buying e-cigs cause… Read More

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