Some East Texas schools taking stance on electronic cigarettes

Who’s taken action? Longview: City Manager David Willard has banned the use of e-cigarettes among city employees at work until the city comes up with an official policy on the devices. .

Some East Texas schools taking stance on electronic cigarettes - Longview News-Journal

Some East Texas schools taking stance on electronic cigarettesLongview News-JournalLack of federal regulation on electronic cigarettes has led some area school districts and municipalities to take action by extending policies to include the devices under banned products in order to prevent possession and use of e-cigs at work and …and more .

Regulate e-cigarettes - The Register-Guard

Regulate e-cigarettesThe Register-GuardIn light of the Oregon Legislature’s disappointing failure to approve even moderate restrictions on electronic cigarettes in this year’s session, local governments, including Lane County, should fill the regulatory void with bans on the sale and … .

Effects from E-Cigarettes Need More Research - Big Country Homepage

Big Country HomepageEffects from E-Cigarettes Need More ResearchBig Country HomepageCity Council won’t decide anything permanently tomorrow, but it will be one of the many discussion concerning e-cigarettes. One e-cigarette store manager of 151 Vapes, William Black, said they will comply with whatever the city decides. Black said that … .

State Tobacco and E-Cigarette Legislative Overview -

State Tobacco and E-Cigarette Legislative OverviewCSPnet.comSo far this year, very few tobacco and e-cigarette bills have been passed and enacted into law despite the fact that 25 state legislatures considered cigarette and/or tobacco tax-rate increases, 16 states debated bills to assess a tax on e-cigarettes … .

DeLauro Calls On FDA to Strengthen E-Cigarette, Cigar Laws -

DeLauro Calls On FDA to Strengthen E-Cigarette, Cigar LawsCSPnet.comis calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to strengthen rules keeping “e-tobacco products” and cigars away from children. In April, the FDA released a proposed rule that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors, a step DeLauro had previously urged. .

Texas sheriffs consider selling e-cigs to inmates

TITUS COUNTY, TX – Seems like almost everything is digital these days: restaurant menus, books, even cigarettes have gotten an electronic makeover. And, in the Lone Star state, sheriffs are thinking about capitalizing on the e-cig trend — for inmates.… .

What Do We Really Know About the Safety of E-Cigarettes? - FiveThirtyEight

Roll Call (blog)What Do We Really Know About the Safety of E-Cigarettes?FiveThirtyEightTo get a handle on how much the availability of e-cigarettes will change demand for smoking, I went to the National Tobacco Survey of Youths, which asked middle and high school students about their e-cigarette use in 2011 and 2012. 1 This is a… Read More

County considers e-cigarette rules - Chinook Observer

County considers e-cigarette rulesChinook ObserverThe use of e-cigarettes, known as “vaping” because nicotine is delivered to users through vapor rather than tobacco smoke, has grown rapidly in the past few years, with more stores selling the battery-powered devices and the flavored chemical-based …and more .

E-cigarette explodes at family home

A MOTHER escaped from an explosion at her home after a fire caused by an e-cigarette. .

Editorial: Hold off on e-cig regulations - OCRegister

Editorial: Hold off on e-cig regulationsOCRegisterThe rush to place restrictions on electronic cigarettes has reached Westminster. The City Council is set to debate an ordinance tonight that will lump in the devices, which have become popular alternatives to smoking tobacco, with regulations on …and more .

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