• 1-piece cigarette:
    see disposable cigarette
  • 2-piece cigarette:
    see two-piece cigarette
  • 3-piece cigarette:
    see three-piece cigarette
  • 306:
    male threading on a battery
  • 401, 402, and 403:
    refers to battery lengths (longest to shortest), all have the same threading
  • 501:
    atomizer or cartridge has male threading, battery has female threading
  • 510:
    male threading on atomizers or cartridges
  • 808:
    see KR808 
  • 901:
    atomizer or cartridge has female threading, battery has male threading
  • AC charger:
    charger that is powered through any available wall outlet
  • advanced personal vaporizers:
    not a mainstream product, various additions and adaptations are used to modify and manipulate an electronic cigarette 
  • analog cigarette:
    refers to a traditional/non-electronic cigarette
  • atomizer:
    small wire heating oil, located in a cartomizer or as a separate unit, what boils the liquid to produce vapor
  • atty:
    abbreviation for atomizer
  • automatic battery:
    battery that activates automatically upon inhalation
  • battery (electronic cigarette):
    the source of power for an electronic cigarette
  • cart/carto:
    abbreviation for cartridge or cartomizer
  • cartomizer:
    cartridge that contains the atomizer inside
  • cartridges:
    compact container that holds an absorbing sponge for the e-liquid
  • CASAA:
    see Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association
  • cessation:
    to stop or cease
  • charger:
    see AC adapter, USB 
  • coil:
    see nichrome wire
  • Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association:
    non-profit organization dedicated to raising consumer related awareness and protect the right to access reduced harm alternatives
  • disposable electronic cigarette:
    one piece device that is pre-filled with e-liquid and pre-charged 
  • disposable cartridge:
    cartridge that is discard after the e-liquid is depleted, non-refillable
  • disposable cigar:
    similar to a disposable electronic cigarette except it resembles a cigar, discard after e-liquid is depleted
  • drag:
    slang term for and producing vapor or pumping vapor
  • drip tip:
    tool to help refill cartomizer/cartridge with e-liquid, can also be used as a mouth piece during inhalation
  • dry hits:
    burning taste when vaping on a cartridge/cartomizer that has very low or no e-liquid
  • e-cig:
    abbreviation for an electronic cigarette
  • e-cigarette:
    abbreviation for an electronic cigarette
  • e-cigs:
    abbreviation for an electronic cigarettes
  • e-juice:
    see e-liquid 
  • e-liquid:
    water, nicotine, flavor, and Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin solution
  • EGO:
    variation of an electronic cigarette that does not resemble a traditional cigarette in appearance, typically favored for battery capacity and more feature options
  • electric cigarette:
    abbreviation for electronic cigarette
  • electronic cigar:
    battery powered unit that mimics a traditional cigar without smoke, ash or combustion
  • electronic cigarette:
    battery powered device that uses e-liquid to mimic a traditional cigarette
  • electronic pipe:
    battery powered pipe that uses e-liquid to simulate a traditional pipe
  • FDA:
    abbreviation for Food and Drug Administration
  • filter:
    mouthpiece on a traditional cigarette, sometimes slang for cartridges/cartomizers when referring to an electric cigarette
  • Food and Drug Administration:
    Federal agency responsible for regulating public health
  • high resistance:
    relates to the cartridge/cartomizer in reference to longer battery lifespan and lower vapor production
  • juice:
    see e-liquid 
  • KR808:
    electronic cigarette that consists of an atomizer and battery, battery is male threading, atomizer female
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode):
    indicates battery functions and simulates a burning ash
  • liquid:
    see e-liquid 
  • lower resistance:
    relates to cartridge/cartomizer in reference to shorter battery lifespan and higher vapor production
  • m401, m402, and m403
    see 401, 402, 403
  • mAH (milliamp hour):
    measurement for battery capacity
  • manual battery:
    battery that is manually activated before inhalation, typically by way of a button located on the battery
  • mg :
    milligrams, a unit of measure 
  • Microcomputer Smart Chip:
    see microprocessor
  • microprocessor:
    device that controls the heating element (atomizer) and LED, located in the battery
  • mL:
    milliliters, a unit of measure
  • modifications:
    see advanced personal vaporizer 
  • mods:
    see advanced personal vaporizer 
  • nichrome wire:
    used to make heating coil in a cartomizer or atomizer
  • nicotine:
    an alkaloid (naturally occurs, consists of basic nitrogen atoms), secondary stimulate (affects the sympathetic nervous system, same as caffeine)
  • ohm:
    measurement of resistance
  • one-piece cigarette:
    see disposable 
  • passthrough:
    an electronic cigarette that uses any accessible USB port (e.g., computer, charger) as the power source during inhalation
  • pcc:
    see  personal charging case 
  • personal charging case:
    charges a battery independently when case is charged
  • personal vaporizer:
    another name for an electronic cigarette, sometimes associated with advanced personal vaporizers
  • plugin USB:
    see passthrough
  • primer puff:
    short vapes to warm the atomizer or cartomizer to create more vapor production in automatic batteries
  • Propylene Glycol:
    synthetic liquid that absorbs water and helps solutions in cartridge or cartomizer mix together
  • puffs:
    slang term for producing vapor using an electronic cigarette or producing smoke from a traditional cigarette
  • pv:
    abbreviation for personal vaporizer
  • rechargeable electronic cigarette:
    an electronic cigarette that needs to be charged in order to function
  • refill cartridges:
    see cartridges 
  • refills:
    see cartridges 
  • resistance:
    refers to lifespan  and amount of vapor production
  • roll-your-own-tobacco:
    traditional tobacco, non-electronic
  • screwdriver:
    see advanced personal vaporizer 
  • Smart Chip:
    see microprocessor
  • smoke juice:
    see e-liquid
  • smoke-free:
    refers to using an electronic cigarette
  • smokeless tobacco:
    refers to an electronic cigarette
  • smoking cessation programs:
    programs designed to stop the use of traditional cigarettes and switch to an alternative
  • starter kit:
    typically self-containing, includes all the products necessary to start vaping such as battery and charger
  • tank:
    attachment for a (cartridge and cartomizer?) that holds e-juice in a separate container
  • The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association:
    organization dedicated to technology, research, and changing laws to improve the electronic cigarette
  • thread adapter:
    small mechanism used to switch between different threading of cartridges/cartomizers and batteries 
  • three-piece cigarette:
    a system that consists of the battery, atomizer and cartridge as three separate entities in order to vape
  • throat hit:
    sensation in the back of the throat during the inhale of a traditional cigarette or electronic cigarette
  • TVECA:
    acronym for The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association
  • two-piece cigarette:
    unit designed to vape using a rechargeable battery and cartomizer
  • USB:
    charger is in the form of a USB, can be used in any accessible USB port such as a computer
  • vape/vaping:
    producing vapor by inhaling vaporized liquid from an electronic cigarette
  • vapers:
    someone who smokes electronic cigarettes
  • vapor cigarette:
    see electronic cigarette
  • vapor production:
    how much vapor is produced while exhaling
  • Vegetable Glycerin:
    liquid, derived from plants, used in e-liquid for flavor and vapor production
  • water vapor:
    the gaseous state of water, occurs when water is 80 °C hotter than room temperature
  • wick:
    describes the material used to carry the e-liquid to the coil of a cartridge or atomizer