Love Math: Statistics Add Up to Dating Success

Tired of listing your Facebook status as single? Browsing online dating sites?  Using your dog as date bait?  Auditioning for The Bachelor ?



If you'd like to get married in 2013 or just improve your love life this year,  here are 3 practical, mathematically sound ways to improve your odds for romance:

1.  Move

You increase your odds of finding a mate if you live where other singles do.  The best cities for singles include big cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

If you want to find love without moving to a big city, other places with high populations of single people include Boulder, CO; Madison, WI; Ann Arbor, MI, and Trenton, NJ, according to Richard Florida, author of “Who's Your City?”

But, if you want to settle down with a financially stable partner, the best place to live is Hoboken, NJ, according to a Bloomberg study.

More than half of the residents in Hoboken live alone and most of them are wealthy.  Single Hoboken men younger than 65 enjoy a median income of $94,500 and single women earn a median income of $77,600, Bloomberg's analysis found.

Other places to find a wealthy single man or woman include Arlington, VA; Redmond, WA; White Plains, NY and Newton, MA.

2.  Stop Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

Only 1 in 5 Americans smokes and the 4 out of 5 who don't aren't looking to marry — or hook up with — a smoker.

A survey reported by the BBC found that 3 out of 4 young adults said they would not kiss someone who had just smoked.

And you don't need a survey to tell you that few people find secondhand smoke romantic.  Or that anyone wants to take a backseat to your nicotine addiction.

If you leave your date sitting alone in a restaurant or lying alone in bed while you excuse yourself to smoke, you may find that the thrill (and maybe your date) are gone when you return.

If you can't or don't want to quit smoking, improve your chances of dating success by switching to smoke-free alternatives.

Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and emit no secondhand smoke.  Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine.  The battery-operated cigarettes heat the flavored nicotine, forming a mist or vapor for the user to inhale.

3. Improve Your Online Dating Etiquette

Online dating sites make it easy to meet singles, but first impressions are just as important in these forums as they are in bars and coffeehouses, a survey of 500,000 daters found.

What you say — and how you say it — makes a big difference in whether your first contact with someone online leads to a second meeting.

It's not just English teachers who care about grammar and punctuation.  Anyone receiving a message that include ur or your instead of you are or you're is likely to ignore it, according to the survey by

Other message turnoffs include physical compliments and mundane greetings such as “hello.” (no greeting at all works better.)

Improve your online dating response success by demonstrating you read a person's bio, (“I noticed you love old movies.  My favorite is Casablanca. What's yours?”

Men, the survey found, like to hear that they're “cool” or “awesome” and women like men who use words such as “sorry” and “awkward” in their messages.

Three-quarters of people aged 18 to 24 said they would not kiss someone who had just smoked.

And half the 1,700 people surveyed for the Department of Health (DoH) said they would think twice about starting a serious relationship with a smoker.