United Kingdom E Cigarette Trends

Users of electronic cigarettes in the UK have not always been as lucky as their vaping brothers and sisters in the United States. They have always had a handful of electronic cigarette products to choose for one reason or another. The main reason is the fact that most e cigarette manufacturers, retailers and distributors normally target bigger markets like the one which the United States has to offer. But all has not been gloomy as the United Kingdom E cigarette trends seem to be changing with  more and more smokers going the vaping way.

Initially, most smokers in the United Kingdom could only get their E cigs after importing them. But the shipping costs were high and even when they finally had their e cigarettes they still had to part with more pounds for import taxes.  Well, that was that and as you and I know, nothing can stand between a smoker and his cigarettes especially when the craving is imminent.

Things changed somewhere along the way, thanks to manufacturers, retailers and marketers who realized that smokers in the UK were missing out on something their counterparts in the United States were enjoying. Companies like Premium Vapes took over the electronic cigarette market in the United Kingdom and changed the trends and dynamics of smoking. Other companies like V2 later joined the bandwagon and a market that was initially neglected became one of the most lucrative markets the world of e cigarettes has ever seen.

Today, you can get any e cigarette in the UK at a pocket friendly price. While most smokeless cigarettes here are just the same as the ones in the US, there are a few companies that offer products that are better with massive vapor production and great taste of their refill cartridges.  Though it may be hard to know if e cig manufacturers are being good to customers since they are in a new market, it can still be boldly stated that nearly all e cig manufacturers and retailers have awesome customer service.  As soon as you place your order, you receive your starter kit a day after you purchased the e cigarette or in some cases, the same day.

There are also great electronic cigarettes that deliver a fantastic throat hit making the vaping experience just like real smoking and even better.  You may not have to worry about the batteries as they are just about the best in the market.  You actually don’t need to take a primer puff before taking your long desired draw. Just inhale the vapor and get your favorite vaping flavor right away.