EGO Batteries


Tired of your eCig dying before you’re ready to set it down for the day? We’ve got just the right battery for your needs! Meet our impressively powerful EGO battery. This compelling unit will hold a charge up to approximately two full cartridges before needing to be charged again! And let’s not forget about the little guys. While smaller in size, our new EGO keychain battery packs nearly the same amount of power and is the perfect match for anyone on the go, especially if you’re in a rush and forget to grab your battery. Each of these EGO batteries have a built in on/off mechanism that allows you to conserve even more power! Choose from a variety of colors today!

** Compatible with our refill cartridges and clearomizers.

** Does require an EGO USB Charger (sold separately)

Red EGO Battery

EGO electronic cigarette battery - red $39.95 $24.95 Learn More