If You Need a Cigarette, Electric Versions Can Help

Mark Twain said, “Quitting smoking is easy; I’ve done it hundreds of times.”  How many New Year’s resolutions have you broken?  How many times have you promised yourself or your loved ones that you would stop?  Though you want to, quitting is one of the hardest things to do.  It is hard on the body as you go through cravings, and it is harder on the mind as you become psychologically dependent on cigarettes.  Do patches and gum work?  For some.  But for others who need to have the tactile experience of smoking a cigarette, electric, smokeless versions can help.

Tobacco products contain thousands of harmful chemicals, as well as nicotine.  By itself, nicotine is not necessarily harmful.  It is, however, what makes cigarettes so addictive.  It is the many chemicals and carcinogens that cause a host of illnesses.  Electric cigarettes take out the chemicals, leaving only water, FDA-approved propylene glycol, nicotine, and a tobacco flavoring.  Instead of inhaling and exhaling a cloud of noxious smoke, you breathe in an odorless, harmless vapor, which itself dissipates within only seconds.  If you want to quit, this is a good way to get the experience of having a cigarette without the actual smoke and toxins.

Many people try to quit by switching from regular strength or unfiltered cigarettes to light or ultra-light versions.  The difference is that the manufacturer puts tiny holes in the filter to create more oxygen flow and less tar.  The problem with that, however, is when you hold the cigarette, you cover these holes.  You are not getting less tar, less nicotine, or fewer health risks. 

E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are available with varying levels of nicotine.  If you are a heavy smoker, you may start with a nicotine level of 16 mg. Gradually, you can decrease that level. With your next set of refills, you can get 11 mg. After staying at that level for a while, you can decrease again to six. By this time, your physical dependence on cigarettes should be greatly reduced. If you still need the feeling of having a cigarette, you can get a very low nicotine level, 6 mg, or even an e-cigarette with no nicotine. Instead, e-cigarettes release a flavored vapor.

Trying to quit smoking cigarettes is very much like dieting.  You may be very successful while you are in your home with distractions, like movies, music, or a punching bag.  You may be great at work.  But when you get together with your friends and go to a party or other place where others will be smoking, it is that much more difficult.  It’s like going to a big buffet when you’re trying to lose weight.  Our good intentions and good work go right out the window.  An e-cigarette is perfect for these situations.  Instead of lighting up, you take out your electric cigarette.  It is a healthier alternative that still allows the feeling of smoking.