Smoking Cigarettes Sense Of Smell

Smoking cigarettes will adversely impact your sense of smell.  Smoking cigarettes will impair the sense of smell initially, but in the long-term permanent damage to your sense of smell will occur.  The sense of smell is also directly linked to the sense of taste.

The human nose has receptors called olfactory nerves.  The olfactory nerves are located in the back of the nose.  There are approximately five (5) to six (6) million olfactory nerves in the nose.  Smoking cigarettes diminishes your sensitivity to odor quality.  It is no wonder that food that does not smell good does not taste good either.  The more you smoke causes more and more damage to your sense of smell.  In severe cases, people have lost their sense of smell entirely.  Impairment and loss of smell occurs in both young adults and older adults.

Just think about the enjoyment that you will be missing if you lose your sense of smell because of smoking.  You will not be able to smell flowers like beautiful roses.  Sniffing the aroma of fine wine would be lost forever.  There will be no more recognition of your favorite perfume or cologne.  That perfect delectable dish you always crave because of the exquisite smell and taste will be lost to you forever if you don’t quit smoking.

There is another severe consequence resulting from the loss of the sense of smell because of smoking cigarettes.  Your personal safety could be at risk.  If you have either impaired sense of smell or no sense of smell at all, you will not be able to adequately detect safety hazards such as gas leaks.  Not detecting gas leaks could lead to serious hazards to both yourself and loved ones.  The inability to smell a smoldering fire would have the same disastrous consequences.  One final safety concern would be the inability to smell spoiled food.  There is no way in your right mind that you would go near spoiled food if your sense of smell was intact.  Consuming the bacteria of rotten and spoiled food could cause serious health problems.

Ask yourself.  Is the momentary satisfaction you obtain from puffing on cigarettes worth the long-term damage that you are causing to your sense of smell?  The logical answer is positively not.  What keeps you smoking then?  It is the never-ending chase for the nicotine your body is craving.

You can now get your nicotine from electronic cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes do not smoke so they will not damage all those olfactory nerves in your nose.  You will, also, not have to worry about the hundreds of other severe medical conditions that have been directly linked to smoking cigarettes. 

Look for electronic cigarettes to save your sense of smell.  You can then continue to savor the smells of your favorite perfume, flower, or food.  You can, also, have confidence in your safety from gas leaks, smoldering fires, or spoiled food.  If there is a viable alternative to normal cigarette smoking, why would you not at least try it?