Tobacco Effects on Health

In modern times, most smokers associate the negative effects of smoking cigarettes with the idea of lung cancer alone. But the inconvenient truth is that every cigarette smoker is in huge risk of developing a wide array of fatal diseases, like bone marrow cancer, leukemia and chronic heart condition just to name a few.

So far, the facts mentioned above might not come as a surprise to anyone, if so, then what originates them will surely do. When we smoke we are at risk of developing all these ailments not by smoking one cigarette alone, but by becoming addicted to them. And the alarming fact is that all it takes our bodies to start becoming addicted to tobacco, tar and the more than 60 other toxins present in cigarettes is just 8 seconds after the first smoke. That’s all the time we need to release dopamine and serotonin into our metabolisms.

And this is not all; cigarettes manage to perfectly mask their addiction by providing some other tangible pleasurable sensations to smokers, like the loss of appetite for example, which makes the smoker lose weight and by consequence, feel good about him or herself. These sensations help reinforce the ones caused by the chemicals found in cigarettes, and overall increase the pace at which the smoker becomes addicted.

Inside our bodies, the toxins carried by cigarettes cause a blood pressure increase, which directly affects our heart rates. They also increase the carbon monoxide contents of our organism, which greatly lowers the amount of oxygen our blood can carry. All of the above, just with the first cigarette. On top of that, the effects in the long term range all the way from heart disease and high chance of stroke to various types of cancer.

These, without considering the effects that second-hand smoke can have over the people around the smokers. In this case the effects can be even worse for the surrounding people, since they are not only exposed to the smoke exhaled by the smoker, but also to the one resulting every time the cigarette burns, which can be even more harmful, since it is made of the cigarette toxins burned in raw.