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User's Manual for Starter Kits PR110, PR111 and PR118

How to use:
1. Plug the AC Adapter into any standard US outlet, and plug the USB Charger (the smaller individual piece) into the Adapter.  Your charger combo set is now ready to charge the E-Cig battery.  Each charger piece has an individual indicator light which will illuminate green when it is plugged into the outlet.
2. Screw the E-Cig battery into the USB Charger piece.  The LED on the E-Cig battery should blink 3 times to indicate full connection with the charger and the indicator lights on the chargers will then illuminate red. 
3. The charger indicator lights will change to illuminate green when the E-Cig battery is fully charged.  It is recommended to fully charge your battery 3-5 hours the first initial charges to receive optimal battery life. 
Note: It is not recommended to leave the battery on the charger unattended or for extended periods of time such as overnight as this may start to decrease the strength and power of your battery. 
Note: It is not recommended to leave the battery on the charger unattended or for extended periods of time such as overnight as this may start to decrease the strength and power of your battery.

1. Installation method (once your battery is fully charged): 

  1. Unpack the cartridge, and remove all of the plastic caps from the nicotine container.
  2. Screw the cartridge into the Premium Electronic Cigarette™ battery.
  3. Your Premium Electronic Cigarette™ is ready for use.


2: Stand-by state:
The Premium Electronic Cigarette™ will be in the stand-by state once you screw in the cartridge.
Once a cartridge has been unsealed, it should be used within two weeks.

3. Operating mode:
When you begin inhaling the Electronic Cigarette, the indicator light will be lit. Stop inhaling to terminate the atomization and the Premium Electronic Cigarette™ returns to the stand-by state. When using the Premium Electronic Cigarette™, do not tip it upwards or you may accidentally ingest the liquid, which may cause damage to your oral mucosa. If the indicator light dims, you will need to change the battery.

4. Smoking method:
On average, smokers consume each ordinary cigarette in 14-16 mouthfuls. When using the Premium Electronic Cigarette™, users should stop smoking after 14-16 mouthfuls (equal to an ordinary cigarette) of the atomized cartridge. It is recommended that smokers wait at least half an hour before using the Premium Electronic Cigarette™ again.

Notices to users

  1. The special component must be used properly to prevent malfunction or damage to this product, including the cartridge, battery, charger, and power line.
  2. Replace the cartridge as the volume of smoke decreases.
  3. lf the indicator light flashes continuously 20 times, please replace the battery.
  4. The charger works in normal conditions with a voltage of AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, DC12-24V or USB 5V.
  5. Keep the Electronic Cigarette separated from other articles to avoid collision.
  6. Premium Electronic Cigarette™ is completely free from second-hand smoke, and is absolutely harmless to surrounding people, allowing it to be used safely in public places. It also never needs to be lit, eliminating the possibility of an accidental fire.
  7. After finishing the Four-step program for quitting smoking, you should refrain from using the cartridge with nicotine. lf you use the Premium Electronic Cigarette™ product continuously, it is best to use the cartridge without nicotine.
  8. If any problems do occur during the use of this product, please have it repaired at a designated repair site. You should never dismantle this product yourself, as this could result in damage to the product or yourself.


  1. Keep the Premium Electronic Cigarette™ away from high temperature environments both while in use and during storage.
  2. Keep the Premium Electronic Cigarette™ and its special components out of the reach of children and always avoid improper operation.
  3. If you suffer an adverse reaction after using this product, reduce the level of nicotine in the cartridge or use with no nicotine.
  4. Always protect your mucous membranes from direct contact with the nicotine liquid contained in the atomized cartridge.
  5. Take proper care of the charged battery and prevent it from mixing with metal articles in your pocket, wallet, or other bags. The conductors on the battery can cause a short circuit, excessive heating, or damage to the battery.
  6. For best results, use the Electronic Cigarette on the same schedule and frequency as you would with ordinary cigarettes.
  7. Please adhere to any relevant local laws and regulations pertaining to smoking while driving. Do not use the Electronic Cigarette while driving, and store it properly to avoid damages during a collision.
  8. Always unplug the charger from the power supply prior to cleaning the Electronic Cigarette. Never handle the charger outdoors or in a damp environment.