We apologize if you are experiencing issues with any of your products. To ensure above and beyond satisfaction for our customers, we provide a 1 Year Limited Warranty that includes up to two hassle free replacements per each unit starting from the original date of purchase. Please give us call at 1-866-242-9210 or email store@premiumecig.com and any of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be able to help you with troubleshooting and replacements.

Premium Vapes 1 Year Warranty for all products is as follows:

Two hassle free replacements are available per unit purchased from our website within 1 year from original date of purchase.

  • NOTE: Refill Cartridges, Flavor Vapes Disposable Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Master Disposable Cigars are excluded from the 1 Year Warranty due to the fact that they are consumable products.

If you purchased a malfunctioning product from a retail location, you must mail the unit to our main office with a receipt of purchase.

Third replacements are granted within the 1 Year Warranty but requires an upfront $6.95 process and handling fee and the unit must be mailed to our office first.

  • NOTE: We recommend using a tracking service for your package as we are not responsible for any undelivered packages 
  • NOTE: Please allow 1-3 business days for the received unit to be tested, repaired or replaced as necessary.

If we receive a dirty battery, there is a $5.00 cleaning and testing fee per battery that will be billed to the account.


Free USPS standard shipping method is used for all replacements. This method can take up to 5 to 8 business days.

  • NOTE: You can choose to pay for expedited shipping.

Please keep in mind that our 1 year warranty is for manufacturing defects only; Premium Vapes guarantees that our electronic cigarette products are free from manufacturing defects under normal use.

Warranty applies to the products under normal use and does not cover the following:

  •  Modification or altering of any products by anyone other than Premium Vapes.
  • Any use of the product other that what it is intended for.
  • Use of Premium Vapes products in conjunction with other products or companies.
  • Products that have not been properly cleaned and maintained.

Please contact the Customer Service department at 1-866-242-9210 or email store@premiumecig.com for assistance with troubleshooting and replacements if necessary.

Consumable products/Cartridges:

Cartridge policy

Here at Premium Vapes we understand that receiving high quality cartridges is important to you. Typically, our cartridges do not have a high failure rate, and the majority of the time, the issue directly relates to battery issues. Please follow the tips and tricks below before sending in your cartridges for testing.

  1. Please clean your battery – if there is residue buildup within the threading of your battery it can affect the flavor of the cartridge and how much vapor you are able to receive from your cartridge. Please also be aware that there are two small holes on the side of the threading that allow the air to flow through the battery correctly. Please make sure these holes are not blocked with any dirt or residue as this will prevent the cartridge from vaping correctly. (Cleaning method is listed on this page).
  2. There is a circle platform in the center of the threading on your battery, sometimes this area can get pressed down. This platform connects the battery to the cartridge and allows the atomizer to heat the liquid to create the vapor. If these areas are not connecting properly it will appear that the cartridge does not vape. Please try using a t-pin or safety pin to leverage the center platform upwards to create a better connection.
  3. If you are having difficulty vaping on the cartridge and your battery is clean, you may have screwed the cartridge on too tight, please try loosening the cartridge slightly to see if this improves the amount of vapor you receive from your cartridge.
  4. Storage Tips: Keep cartridges in the foil until they are ready to be used. Please keep both caps on the end when not in use as this will prevent the cartridges from drying out. Also store cartridges in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to ensure optimum freshness.
  5. When you receive your cartridges, please look for any possible signs of leaking before opening the pack out of the aluminum. If leaking has occurred, you will see the liquid through the clear packaging. If you receive a pack of leaky cartridges please let us know, send them in without opening them and we will exchange them for you hassle free.


If you are still continuing to experience problems with your cartridges please feel free to send them in to the address below for testing:

Premium E Store LLC

Attn: Order #

552 Central Drive

Suite 101

Virginia Beach, VA 23454


  • Cartridges must be received in house within 30 days of purchase for 10 packs or less, and 60 days for orders of 11 packs or more.
  • A maximum of 10 individual cartridges can be sent in for testing at one time. Please call us if you are experiencing issues with more than 10 individual cartridges.
  • All cartridges must have the caps on both ends. Storing the cartridges with both caps prevent the cartridges from drying out.
  • All cartridges must be received in the correct packaging for the flavor and nicotine level.
  • Any cartridges that are received in poor condition, such as teeth marks, lip stick stains will be returned to you without testing.
  • Partially open cartridges: This refers to packs of cartridges that may have only a few cartridges popped out of the foil. Any cartridges that are still in encased in the foil will be returned without testing – Remember – just because one cartridge is faulty doesn’t mean the whole pack is.
  • Testing can take up to 5 business days
  • A store credit of $3 will be issued towards the shipping costs if the cartridges are found to be faulty.
  • Cartridges will be replaced for the same flavor and nicotine level only – No substitutions.
  • Replacements will be sent in multiples of 5, store credit will be given for 4 cartridges or less
  • All functioning cartridges will be returned to the customer.
  • Please ensure that your name and order number are clearly written on the package so we can locate your account. Please call 1-866-242-9210 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST for your order number, if you are unable to locate it. Any packages received without the order number will be returned to sender.
  • Please do not send cartridges in paper envelopes as they can be damaged easily during transit.
  • We are not responsible for any lost packages, if a package has been lost in the mail, we will be unable to replace the lost merchandise.
  • We recommend getting a tracking number for your package so you can track the progress of your package. 

 Replacement Procedure:


Contact customer service at 1-866-242-9210 or email store@premiumecig.com to inquire about a malfunctioning product.

Upon contact, customer service will ship you a replacement product.

  • NOTE: For inventory purposes there are no product substitutions. 
  • If the actual product cannot be replaced due to unavailability, a comparable replacement product of equal value will be given.

A pre-paid return shipping label will be included in your package for the malfunctioning unit to be returned to us. Failure to return the malfunctioning unit within 30 days of the replacement date will result in a fee equivalent to the retail price of the replacement product.

If you do not use our prepaid label, we recommend when returning or mailing in any products to use a mail carrier with tracking services, as we are not responsible for any undelivered packages and will not refund or give credit for products we do not receive.

Cleaning Method:
If you are experiencing problems with your Premium Vapes products, please attempt the cleaning process before contacting our customer service department for a replacement. For cleaning instructions please go to http://www.premiumecigarette.com/pages/How-it-Works.html or request cleaning instructions via email at store@premiumecig.com.

International Returns:
Premium Vapes will send the warranted replacement product to you. International customers will have 60 days to return items to our office. For our International Customers, we are unable to send a pre-paid return shipping label; therefore, our International Customers will be responsible for shipping and returning the original malfunctioning product. We highly recommend getting tracking for your package as we are not responsible for any undelivered packages and will not refund or give credit for products we do not receive. We will refund our International Customers up to $15.00 USD for their shipping cost with receipt.

All return requests are subject to Premium Vapes judgment; we reserve the right to refuse immediate replacements. All returns are subject to our right to refuse any request that does not meet these requirements. All warranty and policies are subject to change at any time.

Contact Information:

Customer Service: 1-866-242-9210

Premium Vapes
552 Central Drive Suite 101
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Effective Date: 10/01/2013