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Indulge yourself with our succulently ripe cherry cartridges.  Here we mingle the bright tartness of fresh maraschino cherries with the warm allure of juicy black cherries; a lush combination that’ll keep you wanting more. The refreshingly light rush of juicy sweetness is sure to please any palate.  Try one today and never regret your decision.

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Flavor Vapes Disposable Ecigarette - Cherry 4.6


8th Jul 2013



Really good flavor! :-)

Flavor Vapes Disposable Ecigarette - Cherry 4.6


22nd Feb 2013



Tastes JUST like cherry chapstick! I like it! It's not my favorite, but it's very good. Chocolate is still my favorite. A word of advice: use the lowest nicotine level you possibly can. The flavors are so much better with the lower levels. I started with the max nicotine and it just burned my throat and drowned out the flavor. Went with the least amount this time and the flavors "pop" much more!

Flavor Vapes Disposable Ecigarette - Cherry 4.6

cherry rules

26th Oct 2012



I tried 8 different flavors and must say cherry is the best one for me. also has that strong taste like a real cigarette.

gotta love the E-cigarette. i live in the netherlands and specially ordered this a week ago from the USA. this way of smoking is 5 times cheaper then normal smoking. and now im also not paying any taxes for tabacco anymore, not really interesting but its a plus.

Flavor Vapes Disposable Ecigarette - Cherry 4.6

Delicious flavor

24th May 2012



This cherry flavor is enjoyable. Sweet flavor, and also provides strong hit to the throat, just like cigarettes do. My hair does not smell, I don't need to chew gum after each cigarette to hide bad breath.

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