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Submerge yourself in the steaming fragrance of a piping hot cup of Jo with our coffee flavored refill cartridges.  The bold Arabic bean comes alive with each puff and is sure to get you on your feet in the morning.  No need to stop for cream and sugar, we’ve got you taken care of with a satiny cream finish and just enough sugar to bring out the nutty aroma of our coffee. If you close your eyes you’ll feel like you’re sitting outside a quaint café in the untouched morning air. 

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Vanilla Cartomizers 4.9

Coffee ecig with coffee

27th Jun 2012



I used to love have cigarette with my coffee in the morning. My boyfriend kept on pushing me to try ecigarettes and he even bought me a Premium starter kit for my B-day a month ago. I have tried Tobacco flavor for a while, then I decided to try a variety pack and I found my favorite flavor - Coffee. Now I wake up in the mornings and as a habit have my electronic cigarette with my coffee. It really satisfies all of my nicotine cravings and I can go on with my day.

Premium always provides great customer support. Their packages always arrive within 2-3 days. I truly believe that this company stands behind their warranties and policies. One time I had a problem with the battery and they have immediately replace it for me free of charge, as per their warranty policy. Premium is very transparent company and there are no hidden fees. You can buy from them in confidence.

Vanilla Cartomizers 4.9


21st Jun 2012



These are awesome. They taste like coffee at first but have a slight hint of tobacco as well. Well engineered flavor. I'm really satisfied with them. Big thanks to Premium.

Vanilla Cartomizers 4.9

It is good

24th May 2012



It seriously tastes like coffee. Delicious. This is my new favorite ecigarette flavor.

Vanilla Cartomizers 4.9

Full robust flavor

23rd Apr 2012



If you like Vaping, and you love Coffee, you will LOVE this! I have been a customer of Premium for over a year now. I value great customer service, and great value. I've tried others, but no other e-cig offered superior service with a superior product. I've never been offered anything for my opinion, so just take this from an average customer, I recommend this company, and my personal favorite flavors are coffee and caramel. I haven't tried all of them, but when I ordered these flavors, they delivered, so I imagine, the rest do as well. The customer service can't be beat, which is a high compliment in this age. I've spoken with several, and they have all been wonderful. You won't be disappointed by this product.

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