Disposable Electronic Cigar - 3 pack

Disposable ecigar 3 pack
  • Disposable ecigar 3 pack
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Product Description

The Vape Master Ecigars are the newest and best tasting electronic cigars on the market. Same great taste as our single Vape Master ecigar, now offered in the triple value pack.

Average Life: 1000 Puffs (each ecigar)

Flavor: Red Line (Sweet Sensual flavor) and Black Line (bold Cuban flavor)

Nicotine Strength: 18mg

Customer Reviews

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Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 5

Great-Great !!

4th Sep 2012



Finally a product that is what it's advertised and serves the purpose that you thought it would. My crutch to quitting cigars is golf, working around the yard and hanging out having drinks with friends. Can't do it without the urge to run and grab some cigars. This thing, the Vape Black , works just like a cigar , tastes like a cigar and bascially has the smoke and smell . The best part is if you are working on something you just stick it in your pocket rather than searching around for a place to lay it. I keep it around and take a few puffs when I feel the urge. TAKES ANY DESIRE TO BUY CIGARS AWAY 1-2-3 !! If they develp a slightly tapered tip it would be 100% perfect. The smoking end is a little boxey but overall it will surprise you and I can see the cigar industry taking a huge hitm as they add some flavor and develop these more and more. They are excellent as is though !!!1

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 5

Great Value

31st Aug 2012



I have tried Red and Black and enjoy the taste of both. I am pleased with the consistent large volume of vapor these cigars produce. Each cigar has lasted me weeks, and I puff every day. I have tried e-cigars of similar size from ecigarette, Veppo, and one from a mall vendor. Price ranged from $29-36 and do not compare. Hope they expand the line and include variety of nicotine levels. Fast shippers, no rip-off shipping charges. The 3 pkt is very good deal.

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 5

Perfected you say.

29th Jul 2012



I would not say these cigars are perfected, but damn close. Red label is awesome flavor cigar. Black label still needs some work. Either way, I will continue using these and tell me friends about it. Cannot wait to try other cigar flavors. Is one product that is on my watch list. And by the way, these things do last a VERY long time. I been puffing on one for about 2 weeks now and still going very strong.

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 5

Best ecigar on the net

24th Jun 2012



Red label vape master is by far the best tasting electronic cigarette available on the market. I have tried several brands and no one come close to the taste that was developed by Premium group. Very satisfying experience. I started with single piece and now bunch of my friends switch to ecigars. We use them at the golf courses and most golf courses are turning into non-smoking greens. These ecigars also last very long time, last one I used for an entire month.

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