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Product Description

Over 20 flavors to Choose from. The Electronic Cigarette Cartridges will give you the ability to inhale nicotine droplets but without any of the other harmful chemicals found in regular tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette cartridges are available in many flavors like tobacco, menthol, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and many more. Get the refill Electronic Cigarette cartridges for the PremiumEcigarette.

Refill pack contains 5 cartridges. Premium Refill cartridges come fully sealed, so they can be stored for a long period of time. These cartridges will fit PR110,  PR111 and PR118 electronic cigarette models, and all the batteries included in any of our Starter Kits, including our Premium Ego Kit.

The color of the cartridge depends on the flavor you choose:
Tobacco, Peach and Pineapple - Tan
Menthol, Apple, and Pear - Green
Cherry, Red Energy, Cola, Strawberry, and Watermelon - Red
Caramel, and Irish Cream - Mossy Green
Coffee, Chocolate and Clove - Brown
Vanilla - White
Blueberry - Blue

Warranty Note: Due to strict health standards we cannot refund or replace any open cartridge packs.

Customer Reviews

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On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7


13th May 2012

Scotty Man


I want to review several flavors as I have been using this product for some time now:

Tobacco - pleasant smooth tobacco flavor. Good hit to the throat.
Vanilla - sweet flavor, for a brief moment leaves very peasant taste of vanilla in my mouth. Once exhaled, also there is a hint of vanilla in the air. Very pleasant.
Cherry - was not crazy fan of cherry, a bit too sweet for my taste.
Coffee - this was very delicious flavor.
Irish Cream - good flavor. I tried it, but not sure if I would become regular fan of Irish cream.
Pineapple - smooth, a bit on sweet side as well. Just like pineapples. Very realistic.

The way I look at these cartridges, I like Tobacco the best, but I it's nice to switch it up every once in a while.

On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7

A Painless Way to Quit Smoking!

7th May 2012



I smoked for 45 years, and really needed to quit for obvious health reasons. I sounded like a percolator when I breathed. For those of you who are too young to know what a percolator is, it's an old fashioned coffee maker that gurgled and popped as the coffee was making. It sounded good on a coffee pot, but not so great on a human! I had some cigarettes (or course) and let the pack run out (scary!) then switched over to the e cig. I haven't smoked a regular cigarette since that day, which was 41 days ago, and I don't miss them at all! These e cigs are very satisfying, and after trying many other ways of quitting, this is the only one that has actually worked. Go for it!

On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7

Vanilla cartos

3rd May 2012



I like Vanilla flavor the most. Still gives me a hit in the throat, but tastes sweet. I enjoy ecigarettes and now I do not have to smoke tobacco flavor.

On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7

Love the Fruit Flavors

23rd Apr 2012



I am now addicted to the pear, watermelon and apple flavored refill cartridges. I think it is a much better option then inhaling tobacco. Fedex delivery was a nightmare cause of a change in address.

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