Ecigarette Starter Kit - PR111 (for heavier smokers)

Electronic Cigarette starter kit by PremiumEcig
  • Electronic Cigarette starter kit by PremiumEcig
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Product Description

Our customers always ask, “What is the difference between the PR111 and PR110 kits”?
The only difference between the two electronic cigarette kits is the size of the rechargeable batteries. PR111 e-cigarette kit has longer batteries. They are designed to hold the charge for 3/4 of the refill cartridge. PR110 batteries will last about 1/2 of the refill cartridge. If you are a heavy smoker and go through 2 packs of cigarettes a day, then PR111 kit is the perfect solution for you. Slightly longer batteries will last longer between the charges, so there is no need to constantly recharge them. Besides the battery lengths, PR110 and PR111 kits are identical in content.

Number of Batteries: 2 
Number of Atomized with built-in Cartridges: 5 
Charger: USB charger and AC adapter 
Users Manual Included 
Electronic cigarette length: 4.2in or 110mm 


Click here for a copy of the User's Manual. 

Customer Reviews

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Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

Very Happy Customer

25th Feb 2013



I last tried e-cigs about 4 years ago. I only stuck with those about 3 or 4 weeks. With the cost of tobacco cigarettes skyrocketing, I had to come up with an alternative. I used a Groupon to purchase a starter kit and am delighted with both the product and the customer service, and I am thrilled with the free shipping! I am happy to see so much improvement in the e-cig technology. I believe I will be able to stick with these e-cigs and not return to tobacco. Thank you, Premium Vapes. You can be assured of free advertising from me -- I will recommend your products to anyone!

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

Great Product, Great Customer Service

25th Jan 2013



I used a Groupon for a Premium PR110 e-cigarette starter kit, and after I received it, I decided I wanted to fully switch to e-cigarettes, so I ordered the PR111 starter kit so I would never be without these. It's been four weeks since I got my starter kit, and I haven't had a regular tobacco cigarette since. I've never been happier. There's no smell, no ash, no residue, and even my doctor approves! I'm also really impressed with Premium's customer service. Free shipping, and I've received all of my packages in 2 to 3 days. Furthermore, the company ships the packages the same day I order them. I truly couldn't be happier with my decision to switch to Premium e-cigs.

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8


2nd Aug 2012



Good electronic cigarette. Strange technology, but it works. This should have been discovered years ago. I see strong future for this product.

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

practical elegance

12th Jul 2012



I love the simplicity of this system. I charge both of these overnight, throw on a couple of cartridges and drop them into a molded knife sheath on my belt. My blue collar workday is set! After working hours I can step up to a nicer look with the beautifully crafted carry case. After woking my way up to 3 packs a day it has only taken me three days to switch fully over to ecigs. I wish that all the money I had put in to failing with patches had initially gone here. I am also excited that I can wean the nicotine level down over time.

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