Ecigarette Starter Kit - PR111 (for heavier smokers)

Electronic Cigarette starter kit by PremiumEcig
  • Electronic Cigarette starter kit by PremiumEcig
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Product Description

Our customers always ask, “What is the difference between the PR111 and PR110 kits”?
The only difference between the two electronic cigarette kits is the size of the rechargeable batteries. PR111 e-cigarette kit has longer batteries. They are designed to hold the charge for 3/4 of the refill cartridge. PR110 batteries will last about 1/2 of the refill cartridge. If you are a heavy smoker and go through 2 packs of cigarettes a day, then PR111 kit is the perfect solution for you. Slightly longer batteries will last longer between the charges, so there is no need to constantly recharge them. Besides the battery lengths, PR110 and PR111 kits are identical in content.

Number of Batteries: 2 
Number of Atomized with built-in Cartridges: 5 
Charger: USB charger and AC adapter 
Users Manual Included 
Electronic cigarette length: 4.2in or 110mm 


Click here for a copy of the User's Manual. 

Customer Reviews

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Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

Truly revolutionary product

27th Jun 2012



In the 2 weeks since my last Marlboro light cigarette, I've just been telling my story to people. I tried a disposable ecigarette, with strange UTVG name that was sold on this site and I haven't had a cigarette since. I've been so amazed by it, that I've been telling people about it. I've gotten 3 other people to order Premium starter kits, just by telling my story! I didn't expect to quit, and I don't tell other people that they should. I enjoyed smoking, but now I have a better alternative. Vaping is my new smoking.
If you are looking for an alternative, this is it. There's just no better endorsement than that.

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

Prefect for NAVY

23rd Jun 2012



Great starter kit with phenomenal flavor! I did not know what to expect, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Got these for my husband that is stationed here in Norfolk, Virginia. And Premium being a local company, this was a perfect fit. It is comforting to know that he can now smoke in his ship, and does not have to go out into the cold to enjoy a "cigarette". This Premium starter kit is great and it paid for themselves in no time!

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

One more ecig user

21st Jun 2012



I have tried a couple different disposable e-cigs from various brands. Finally I came across Flavor Vapes disposable at my Kmart store. Flavor Vapes was my favorite tasting ecig. I have been a smoker for over 30 years and for me to switch to electronic cigarette so quickly was a big surprise. I gave away my reserve pack of regular cigarettes few days ago to my friend, because I don't need or want them anymore. I do still crave them once in a while, but I am sure in time that will pass. I have switched from smoking disposables, to regular starter kit, because my local Kmart kept of running out of stock on disposables. Now, I order directly online and with Free shipping Premium delivered the product to my door in 2-3 days. Amazing company, amazing product and great service.

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

Cheaper than smoking

24th May 2012



Premium certainly is right when talking about saving. It's not easy to trust companies these days, as everyone is saying this and that will save you money. Well, ecigarettes certainly save my money. The starter kit is expensive, but it's worth initial investment. I normally pay $7 for a pack of cigarettes. That is almost $50 a week. I purchased 10 packs (50 pcs) of cartomizers and paid $100, so I'm a paying about $2 per each cartomizer. I use up 1 cartomizer a day that is only $2 a day. Seriously, I put $5 back into my pocket daily. Hurry and get these ecigarette. They really work.

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