Ecigarette Starter Kit - PR111 (for heavier smokers)

Electronic Cigarette starter kit by PremiumEcig
  • Electronic Cigarette starter kit by PremiumEcig
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Product Description

Our customers always ask, “What is the difference between the PR111 and PR110 kits”?
The only difference between the two electronic cigarette kits is the size of the rechargeable batteries. PR111 e-cigarette kit has longer batteries. They are designed to hold the charge for 3/4 of the refill cartridge. PR110 batteries will last about 1/2 of the refill cartridge. If you are a heavy smoker and go through 2 packs of cigarettes a day, then PR111 kit is the perfect solution for you. Slightly longer batteries will last longer between the charges, so there is no need to constantly recharge them. Besides the battery lengths, PR110 and PR111 kits are identical in content.

Number of Batteries: 2 
Number of Atomized with built-in Cartridges: 5 
Charger: USB charger and AC adapter 
Users Manual Included 
Electronic cigarette length: 4.2in or 110mm 


Click here for a copy of the User's Manual. 

Customer Reviews

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Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

Heavy smoker

17th May 2012



I'm a heavy smoker. I smoke 2 packs of cigarettes every single day. I picked this kit since I smoked so much, the batteries seem to last me all day. The best part that I like, I save lots of money. I bundle my refill cartridges and so I pay about $2 for 1 cartridges, which is a pack. So here I am, saving about $6 every single day. Premium has shipped my order very quickly, on the same day I placed an order, and I received the order 2 days later. Refill cartridges also get delivered in timely fashion. Superior service.

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

Amazing product

13th May 2012

Stephanie A.


I purchased the kit few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised that my order got shipped on the same day and then 2 days later is was delivered. Very speedy delivery, and refills come at the same 2 day period. The company does fantastic job when it comes to processing and shipping the order. The quality of the electronic cigarette is great. It was slightly longer battery, but it last me the whole day. Even know I have 2 batteries, I only use one and the other one is spare. The cartridges flavor, I picked Tobacco and it is very pleasant flavor. My overall experience with Premium is very satisfactory, I just with sometimes their company would be open longer than from 9-5. Not that I call often, but one time I wanted to ask a question and they were closed. I sent an email instead and I received the answer early next morning.

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

love it

10th May 2012

Brandy E


This Premium starter kit is great. The batteries last really long time. I have to recharge it every 2 days. Electronic cigarette makes plenty of smoke, so feel like very realistic experience of smoking. I bought this starter with coffee cartridges and they taste pretty good and emit coffee like vapor. The best part about electronic cigarette, that I do not get craving to smoke. I might be taking more puffs on electronic cigarette than regular cigarette, but I can deal with that because I know I'm not inhaling all the chemicals or tar.

Custom Battery Designed PR111 Kit 4.8

New technology

3rd May 2012



I have tried several brands in the past, but Premium takes the top place. The batteries last a long time and the throat hit is perfect, especially on the 24mg cartridges. I like their black batteries that I have ordered with the kit. Look great and blue light at the tip makes this ecigarette look fantastic. I'm a huge fan.

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