Electronic Cigarette Kit PR110 (1 battery)

Premium electronic cigarette starter kit - 1 battery
  • Premium electronic cigarette starter kit - 1 battery
  • Premium electronic cigarette starter kit - 1 battery
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Product Description

Same as PR110 kit, but only One rechargeable battery.


# of Batteries: 1
# of Atomized Cartridges: 5
Puffs per cartridge: 250-300
Charger: Wall (110-240V) and USB
Users Manual: Included
E-cig Size: 3.9in or 100mm


This is kit contains only 1 battery. We always recommend selecting the most popular kit PR110 that has 2 batteries. Don't get stuck without electronic cigarette while the single battery is charging.

Click here for a copy of the User's Manual. 

Customer Reviews

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Electronic Cigarette Kit PR111 (1 battery) 4.7

Good inexpensive starter

16th May 2012



I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for the starter kit, however I wanted to get a quality product. I was happy to find that Premium ecigarette offers different types of starters. My starter kit was delivered to me within 2 days. I was very surprised that I ordered around 3pm and I received an email within minutes saying that my order was shipped. Tracking number was also provided. These guys know how to run the business efficiently. The ecigarette is great, makes plenty to smoke and it really feels like smoking. Great alternative, smoking without any tar or smell. My family is very happy for me, that I made this switch.

Electronic Cigarette Kit PR111 (1 battery) 4.7

Good kit

12th May 2012



I decided to purchase the starter kit with 1 battery because I'm not a social smoker. I tend to smoke when I'm at the bar with friends. So this kit actually works well for me. It draws attention (at first) but them it is actually a conversation starter. So many people still don't know what ecigarette is. I used this started several times now, mostly on the weekends, and it does its job. For me it's not as much as nicotine craving as it is drinking and smoking. So I use 6mg cartridges and thinking about just using Nicotine free. That nice thing about premium offering various flavors and nicotine levels. I can truly enjoy my evening now, and not smell bad when I come home.

Electronic Cigarette Kit PR111 (1 battery) 4.7

First review

26th Apr 2012



I don't normally post reviews, but I decided to post my review on this particular product. My friend shows me his ecigarette from Premium sometime ago. At first I thought that he would stop using it after few weeks, so I waited and waiting. My friends is still using his set, so I figured it really has to be something special. So, I decided to purchase it about 10 days ago. The kit arrived 2 days after the order has been places. With Free shipping, it is very fast delivery time. It was easy to assemble and the battery was readily charged. Within few minutes of receiving the kits I was vaping away. This premium ecigarette is making thick vapor and it is easy to draw. The only regret I have that I didn't purchase the 2 battery kit. Other than that it is a fascinating product and I'm a Premium fan.

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