Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit PR110 (most popular)

Premium electronic cigarette starter kit
  • Premium electronic cigarette starter kit
  • Premium electronic cigarette starter kit
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Product Description

Get your Premium starter kit today!

Absolutely the best Electronic Cigarette Kit on the market now with more options to choose your two batteries from our wide selection of 15 different colored batteries! It has everything that you need to make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping with Ecigarettes. The PR110 kit contains 2 rechargeable batteries color of your choice, 5 refill cartridges, USB charger and AC adapter. It is always good to have two rechargeable batteries on hand, so you can use one while the second one is charging. Six cartridges that come with the kit are equivalent to about 5 packs of traditional cigarettes. Depending on your smoking habits it should last you approximately 5 or more days. The USB charger provides an option to recharge your electronic cigarette battery using any USB port (automobile, home, computer). AC adapter connected to the USB charger allows users to charge the battery in regular wall outlet.

  • Number of Batteries: 2 
  • Number of Atomized with built-in Cartridges: 5
  • Charger: USB charger and AC adapter 
  • Users Manual Included
  • Electronic cigarette length [with refill cartridge]: 3.9in or 100mm (Slightly Larger than traditional Cigarette)

What is special about 2 part electronic cigarette

  • Each refill cartridge is built for approximately 250 drags. This makes the capacity 2-3 times greater than 3 part electronic cigarettes cartridges. Each refill cartridge is equivalent to more than a packs of traditional cigarettes. Imagine the savings!
  • Electronic Cigarette consists of only 2 components.
  • Single step refill cartridge replacement: Unscrew empty refill cartridge and screw on the fresh one. It is that easy.
  • The atomizer is built-in inside each refill cartridge along with the nicotine pad. Each time refill cartridge will have a brand new atomizer, so you will never have to worry about damaging the atomizer, as in 3 part electronic cigarettes.
  • Overall size, shape, and color closely resemble a traditional cigarette.
  • The inhaler has a texture similar to a traditional cigarette.
  • You get a strong and deep breath of smoke-like vapor that resembles smoke even when exhaling.
  • All parts exposed to your lips are replaced with each new cartridge.

Description of the product

1. Structure of the body (Atomizing device)
The body is an integral structure consisting of stainless steel shell, lithium battery drawer, microelectronic circuit, high-sensibility senor and atomization chamber.
2. Atomized cartridge
The atomized cartridge is composed of an inhaler and a liquid container. The liquid container contains nicotine diluents which for atomized; the inhaler and liquid container are disposable.
3. Battery and Charger
The Electronic Cigarette contains a 3.6V-3.8V special lithium battery and special charger, which cannot be replaced by other lithium battery and charger. The battery will withstand no less than 300 charges.

Remark: Please charge the battery for 4+ hours for the first three times. This will ensure maximum lifetime of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Click here for a copy of the User's Manual. 

Customer Reviews

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Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.8

Great Product!

12th Jan 2013



I used to smoke anywhere from 10-20 cigarettes a day (depending on stress level haha). I saw a wonderful deal on groupon and after doing my research on e-cigs decided to purchase for both me and my husband. I was looking for a good deal since all of the e-cigs in the malls always cost $100+ I thought the $25 bucks was a wonderful deal!!! It's been almost a month now and I use it everyday. The battery usually lasts me all day and I still have a back up! Also I still have about 15 of the cartridges left! My husband uses his to smoke in the car and at home since we used to smoke in the house but no longer feel the need to with this product! Only complaint would have to be that it doesn't have that 1st hit cigarette effect, not quite the same but I'm proud to say I've been smoke free since the 19th of December! The product came in 3 days even with all the Christmas traffic. Wonderful product. Can't wait to try flavors other than menthol now =]

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.8

Makes A Great Gift For Any Smoker

5th Jan 2013

Ammie-Marie Littke


My mom has been a casual smoker for over 20 years - smoking less than a pack a week. On a day I was visiting her, she was sitting on her front porch smoking a cigarette - in 27 degree temperatures. I had heard so much about the electronic cigarettes, I decided to find her a starter kit. I decided to by her the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit PR110 with Menthol flavoring for Christmas. It arrived very quickly, within 3-4 days. She was excited to try it out as soon as she unwrapped it. In the first couple of tries, the Menthol was strong, and caused her to cough, but it's something to get used to. She's been using the Premium vapes electronic cigarette whenever she wants to smoke now. She's been "smoking" in the house and around the town. The vapors don't bother anyone around her. It's great. I'm so pleased with this product. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to take the leap into electronic cigarettes.

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.8

Great Product and Company

20th Dec 2012



I purchased this product that included some additional accessories for myself and my boyfriend to help us quit smoking. I bought it on groupon so the price was outrageously low And couldn't pass it up. Groupon said that it would take 2 1/2 weeks to ship but the company sent it in 3 days!! I was so impressed since it is only 5 days until Xmas. The product is the best I have used personally. Can't wait to try the other flavors. The convenience and quality of the product makes it well worth purchasing, even at full price!

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.8

Nice pack

8th Dec 2012



I have buyed Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit and I must say they are very good.

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