Flavor Vapes Disposable Ecigarette - Menthol

Flavor Vapes Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Menthol
  • Flavor Vapes Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Menthol
  • Flavor Vapes Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Menthol
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Product Description

This UTVG disposable brings together the best aspects from two of the top ecigarette companies. The one thing our customers love is our Premium flavors. This 500-puff disposable ecigarette will have you falling in love with Premium’s well-developed minty blend. This perfect combination of fresh mint, peppermint, and menthol will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and wanting more. Enjoy this invigorating and cool bite with each puff, and leave the smoky aftertaste of a traditional Menthol cigarette behind. A good way to get into your new vaping, non-smoking, ecigarette habit...This is the perfect place to start!

Customer Reviews

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Flavor Vapes Disposable Ecigarette - Cherry 5

The best menthol flavor

25th Jun 2012



I have been purchasing disposable ecigarettes at the local gas stations, Sams Club and Kmart. I came across Flavor Vapes at my local Kmart. Since it was the great looking package, I decided to give this brand a try. Well, it was the best tasting menthol compared to other brands like njoy, mystic, metro or 21century. Unfortunately, I went back to purchase more of them, but seems like demand for them was exceeding supply. Every other week, they would run out of stock. I even tried vanilla flavor instead of menthol, but menthol flavor was the best. Also I want to add that this particular model lasts MUCH longer than other brands. Even know others costs few dollars less, I think Flavor vapes lasts about 3 time longer. Now that I have a choice to order this online, if our Kmart ever runs out, I can always come here. Excellent product.

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