Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle

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Product Description

The great Starter Kit Bundle has everything that you need to make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping with Premium Vapes E cigarettes. The Starter Kit Bundle contains 2 white rechargeable PR110 batteries, 15 refill cartomizers in Menthol 11mg, USB charger, AC adapter, Car Charger, and a convenient Premium Carrying Case. 

  • Number of Batteries: 2 
  • Number Refill Cartomizers: 15 in Menthol11mg strength
  • Charger: USB charger, AC adapter and Car Charger
  • Users Manual Included
  • Electronic cigarette length [with refill cartomizer]: 3.9in or 100mm (Slightly Larger than traditional Cigarette)

Customer Reviews

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Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.9

Great Groupon Deal!!!

14th Jul 2013



I bought this kit through Groupon in November 2012 and it has been amazing! I was a pack a day smoker but now I use the ecig and my clothes and car no longer smell of cigarettes and I can use it anywhere! Great for movie theaters and I can even use it while sitting at my desk at work! I accidently dropped one of my batteries in some water so I dried it in a bag of rice for a few days and it still works. This is a great product and a great investment in my health.

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.9

Best Groupon Product Ever!!!!

20th Apr 2013



I was a pack to pack and a half a day Newport smoker for YEARS! I had quit at 3 various times before only to have the cravings, withdrawals, etc. In my previous quitting attempts, I always failed in my trigger situations: work-related stress, drinking, being around other smokers, after meals, with my morning coffee & on and on. I purchased the starter kit through Groupon because I felt it was little risk/cost even if it didn't work for me...which I fully expected ecigs would not. How wrong I was! I received my package Feb. 8 and have not smoked, thought about, or missed a Newport since. These Premium ecigs are little miracle workers and the bargain offered on Groupon was almost too good to be true. Take it from a true ecig skeptic; where others fail, especially for menthol smokers, these guys excel far above and beyond. Getting ready to order refill cartridges now and I truly don't think I will smoke a "real" cigarette ever again. THANKS PREMIUM & GROUPON!!!

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.9

Completely Satisfy!

21st Mar 2013



I bought this bundle through Groupon. The best thing I have ever bought!!! It's awesome, It's a must have. Personally I like the menthol better even though I have not try all of them flavors. Plus their customer service it's awesome!!! a must have!

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.9

What a bargin!

11th Feb 2013



I have smoked E-Cigs for about 3 months now and saw this bundle available on a groupon purchase. What a fantastic deal and I am very happy with it. I have been used to refillable cartomizers, but the pre-filled are so much easier to use especially when traveling. The various charging options are great along with the convenient carrying case. I purchased an additional bundle for a friend and she loves it and has quite smoking regular cigarettes. Looking forward to trying some other flavors.

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