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  • Premium cartomizers variety pack
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Product Description

Can't decide on one flavor? Try our new Variety Pack and you get to choose which 5 flavors you want!  Just pick 5 flavors and strength level and we'll make the pack personally for you.  Chose from each of our unique flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Red Energy, Apple, Pear, Cola, Caramel, and Irish Cream. 

Need some ideas? Try a Fruit pack and get Pineapple, Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry and Apple. 
Classic Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Chocolate and Vanilla. 
Beverage sampler: Coffee, Red Energy, Cola, Irish Cream, and Vanilla.  Be creative!

Substitution Alert: This product does not track inventory and unfortunately when we are out of stock out of a flavor and/or strength of a particular refill cartridge we will substitute the closest alternative we have.  If we are out of stock of a flavor/strength of our sealed packs of refill cartridges, you will not be able to have your order fulfilled by ordering that product in the Variety Pack. 

Note: The Make Your Own Variety Pack will come as 5 individual cartridges and not in a sealed pack.  The shelf life of these Variety Packs will be less than sealed cartridge packs because it is created at the time of order.  Use within a couple weeks of receiving your Variety pack to ensure optimal taste and performance. 
Warranty Note: Premium Ecigarette will be unable to refund or replace any Variety Pack. 

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Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 4.8

Great flavors

3rd Oct 2012



I recently tried these for the first time and wasn't sure where to start with the flavors, so I've been mixing and matching. I've been pleased with the flavor payoff for most of them, though some appeal to my own personal taste more than others.
Cherry- okay
Cola- liked it
Apple- loved it
Vanilla- hated it, tasted like sweat to me
Blueberry- liked it
Tobacco- liked it a lot, better flavor than I expected
Coffee- tastes just like coffee, not my personal fave
Irish Cream- disliked it because it really does have a heavy cream taste
Red Energy- decent
Pineapple- liked it

At the rate I'm going, I'll probably end up sampling each flavor at least once. I'm happy with the amount of time each cartridge lasts and the vapor payoff, as well.

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 4.8


26th Aug 2012



Here are more I tried...

WATERMELON - Tastes pretty much like a good fruity taste, pretty enjoyable.

GRAPE - Great Taste also not a super strong fruity taste but still great.

APPLE - One of my new favorites I really love the green apple yummy taste!

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 4.8


19th Aug 2012



These are the ones i've tried..

BLUEBERRY - I really enjoyed this one it has a great flavor and aroma of smell after exhaling, and the smell does not linger goes away soon. One of my favorites!

VANILLA - Extremely smooth, probably my favorite flavor because i've always loved vanilla flavored things.

STRAWBERRY - I like the fruity taste cant go wrong with strawberry, defiantly a good flavor but still not my favorite.

RED ENERGY - Found this one to be pretty harsh it wasn't that great wouldn't buy it again.

MENTHOL - You enter a world of mint, quite refreshing! I also love the smell.

TOBACCO - Doesn't really taste like tobacco, although the flavor is not bad kind of tastes like coffee, still woudn't buy again though.

PEACH - AMAZING fruit flavor tastes like peach candy!

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 5 pack 4.8

My picks

10th Aug 2012



I literally fell in love with grape. I noticed that once I got used to an e-cigarette that the grape was such a distraction I was forgetting to inhale which is a GOOD thing...I'm using these to quit smoking and to keep the spouse from smoking in the house...I can't stand the smell of smoke on a person tho I'm a light smoker...I also noticed that the ingredients seemed to loosen the mucus in my lungs and I had very productive coughs and now? No cough at all vs a tradition cigarette. I'd like to see someone create a non nicotine flavored atomizer and use a simple saline/glycerin /another safe ingredient as I believe this is the begining of the future of finding a way to stop the progression of copd and perhaps reverse it by allowing the humectant and sterile water slowly clean the lungs and for those who do not have copd and wish to smoke , I'd rather they use this....I think we are seeing a new generation of ways to medicate those who can't be around smoke (think glaucoma and cancer) and then you have a medical device....I've thought for years this type of product could be done and I'm so very happy to see that it is now come to fruition. If only I'd known! I would have begged, borrowed and hit every loan company to invest in this type of a company!

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