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Like a refreshing mint, our Menthol flavor will leave your mouth feeling icy, cool, and fresh.  Enjoy the invigoratingly chilly , tingly bite and leave the smoky aftertaste of a traditional Menthol cigarette behind by pampering your tongue with this blend of fresh mint leaves, menthol, and peppermint. Others around you will appreciate the hint of crisp minty vapor that you’ll leave behind. 

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Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8

Loving it !!!

4th Apr 2014



Have been using these for over six months now. Love the fresh menthol taste.
I have no desire for at all for a regular cigarette now. I actually like
these better. They have a better menthol flavor.

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8


8th Sep 2013



In my process to quit smoking decided to give premium vapes a try. Got a good deal with groupon and got the menthol version. I have to say this is a great flavor and strength of vapor to help moving away from real cigarettes.

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8

Everyone has a different taste...

1st Sep 2013



Ok, I normally like menthol but this one had the "muscle pain cream" type of taste. It gets better after a while but I'm not loving it. Great vapor though!

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8


26th Aug 2013



I started using this when groupon offered it best decusion I ever made

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