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Like a refreshing mint, our Menthol flavor will leave your mouth feeling icy, cool, and fresh.  Enjoy the invigoratingly chilly , tingly bite and leave the smoky aftertaste of a traditional Menthol cigarette behind by pampering your tongue with this blend of fresh mint leaves, menthol, and peppermint. Others around you will appreciate the hint of crisp minty vapor that you’ll leave behind. 

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Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8

Sweet cool menthol buzz

23rd Mar 2013



I started with Mistic Menthol ecigs from Sam's Club last year. Nice menthol with lots of vapor and a distinct tobacco taste. Then Sam's stopped carrying Mistic due to supply problems. I had a supply of cartridges to tide me over but started looking for a replacement. I tried Sam's new stock brand, FIN...absolutely AWFUL. Got my money back on them.

I got my first Premium kit in February. Fair price, extremely nice packaging and well equipped with battery and charge options. But who cares? This is about the experience...

My first puff told me...this wasn't like Mistic. It was sweeter, and more minty, and didn't have a tobacco taste. By my second puff I knew...Premium is much more enjoyable for me! If you want menthol with a minty flavor -- sweet but not sickening sweet -- Premium is the way to go.

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8


19th Mar 2013



I had smoked 2 packs a day Newports and it was very hard to find something comparable to it. I tries e cigarette's 3 years ago and I have not been able to smoke another cigarette since. I just switched over to the e-co friendly batteries and they are the greatest. Thank you so much for everything here

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8

Minty, For Sure!

5th Mar 2013



Doesn't taste at all like an actual menthol cigarette, which I'm thankful for. To be honest, it actually tastes a lot like spearmint toothpaste. Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and cool. I like it. 4 stars just because I like other flavors more. I will keep this flavor in my rotation though.

Groupon Menthol Ecigarette Bundle 4.8

Best by far

28th Feb 2013



I have been a pack a day smoker for 20 years and have tried everything from the gum (taste awful) to the patches (melt when I light them) and even the Chantix....none of which worked for me. I have used these on and off for 3 years and have now finally made to move to has been 3 weeks since smoking a real cig and shortly will be slowly reducing the nicotine levels until completely done. Thanks and anyone that is considering...the ones in the store at walgreens and 7-11 taste awful...the prices are double and having the travel charger with an additional battery makes all the difference in the world

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