On The Go E cigarette Kit

On-the-Go Ecigarette starter kit
  • On-the-Go Ecigarette starter kit
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Product Description

Convenience, ease, and peace of mind when you’re out and about with our great On the Go Kit.  The USB Case provides protection for your Ecig battery and has an internal battery that you can charge, and then charge your Ecig battery while you are on the go.  The internal battery of the case has the power to charge up to four Ecigarette batteries. 

Case will hold one Ecigarette battery and two individual refill cartridges. 

USB Case with Built-in battery: 1 
# of Batteries: 1 
Battery Size: Holds a PR110 or PR111 
# of Cartridges: 5 
Nicotine Level: High, Medium, Low or Nicotine Free 
Carrying Case: Any available Color  
Puffs per cartridge: 250-300 


The USB case contains internal battery. There are 2 lights located inside the case. The top light shows USB case battery charge. When you plug the case into the USB port, the light will turn red indicating that the case battery is charging. Once the case battery is fully charged, the light will turn green.

The bottom light in the case indicates charge of the Premium electronic cigarette battery. When the battery is charging, the light will be steady red. Once the electronic cigarette battery is fully charged, the bottom light will start blinking.

It will take you about 3-5 hours to fully recharge the USB case battery. And it will take you about 2-4 hours to fully charge the electronic cigarette battery. The USB case is designed to recharge electronic cigarette battery at least 4 times before you have to recharge the case.

Once the electronic cigarette battery is fully charged, take the refill cartridge. Screw it onto the battery and you are now ready to puff away. Please make sure that you remove both rubber caps and the plastic insert from the refill cartridge before using it.

Customer Reviews

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Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.7


30th Jun 2012



Thanks so much for this starter kit. Exceeds all my expectations. Love how the case will charge my e cig. I got the vanilla flavored cartridge and the flavor is mild and sweet. Taste very good! Was truely shocked on the amount of vapor I blew out - even on the very first hit on an automatic battery.

Also, delivery was TWO days early, yes!

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.7

Smoke free campus

21st Jun 2012



I attend a 100% smoke free campus and all of the students who smoke real cigarettes either try hiding and risk a ticket or suffer from not smoking while on campus! I think it's complete BS. We need some smoking areas. Either way, as a college student, I found a solution. I freely walk around campus vaping your product and yes, a few security guards have come up to me telling me stop, but when I show them my black ecig they ask where they can get it. Yup, I'm turning my campus from smoking regular cigarettes to vaping ecigs. Giving you guys plenty of business, and Refer a Friend helps me make extra few bucks on leasure expenses. Win win situation for me. Thank you Premium team.

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.7

So far, so good

24th May 2012



I have used the product for 1 week now and I'm impressed. I would say I'm not smoking cigarettes, but it's more like smoking hookah. I use flavor cartridges (Vanilla), so maybe that is why feels like smoking hookah. Either way, I really enjoy it and I do not think about smoking cigarettes. This works.

Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette 4.7

On the go

17th May 2012



How cool is that, charging the ecigarette while it's in your purse. Premium ecigarette has so many option to fit any need. I'm always running around, so this USB case simplifies my life but never worrying about electronic cigarette battery. It has enough room to keep spare refill cartridge.

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