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Product Description

Note: Refill cartridge shown in the image is not included.

Users Manual: Not Included
E-cig Size: 4in or 102mm
(Slightly Larger than Regular Cigarette)

This is very unique electronic cigarette. It plugs directly into your USB port on your computer and you are ready to use it. Since the power comes directly from the USB port, there is no battery to ever be charged.  Simply plug in and you're ready for use! This is a manual switch designed ecigarette, to use simply press the button as you inhale and once you're done simply release the button. 

It's so easy to setup, just screw atomized cartridge into the unit and puff away. Yes, it's that easy. The best part with our Plug-In USB Ecigs is you never have to worry about batteries going bad. Uses the same refill cartridges as our PR110, PR111, and PR118 batteries.

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Customer Reviews

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit 4.3

I need a USB port converter!

8th Aug 2012



Ive been using this for two months and I love it! It is so much easier to smoke when you have a full charge with each and every puff! I would like to use it in my car or at my couch while watching TV but Premium doesnt offer a usb port converter! They need to offer this accessory.

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit 4.3

Couldn't be more convenient!

22nd May 2012



OH-so-tired of charging, charging, charging, particularly when half the day I am in front of a computer or near an outlet. Works like a charm.

I have one in the car (I use a usb port converter attached to my car cigarette lighter), one at work, and one at my desk at home. Now I can save the disposables and chargeables for going out. PERFECT.

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit 4.3

No recharging needed

16th May 2012



I spend a lot of time by the computer and this corded ecigarette is actually helps me to be more efficient. I used to go out and take a smoke break, and now I can sit behind my desk and type away and puff away. Good idea, as I don't want to mess with rechargeable batteries all the time. I just wish you guys would offer automatic version as well, so no need to push the button.

Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kit 4.3


13th May 2012



I spend a lot of time every day at my computer, so this neat USB plug in ecig is fantastic! All you do is plug it in and press the button when you inhale and then release the button. Much much easier to get vapor, its perfect! I was recharging my other 3 batteries 2 x per day but now I use this at the computer and I recharge the 3 batteries every 2 days or so. And you CANT BEAT THE PRICE! $19.95 and I got 15% off that with the mothers day coupon code! How about making one of these that will plug straight into a electrical outlet? ??

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