Premium EGO Ecigarette Starter Kit

Premium EGO Electronic Cigarette Starter kit
  • Premium EGO Electronic Cigarette Starter kit
  • Premium EGO Electronic Cigarette
  • Premium EGO Electronic Cigarette
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Product Description

4 Times More Power than our Premium PR110 battery.

The EGO is an electronic atomizing device that will fulfill any nicotine craving by creating a water vapor with your selection of nicotine content and flavoring. The EGO’s new and improved battery enables well over 800 puffs on a single charge and offers four times as many puffs compared to other ecigarettes! Feel the fuller vapor from this stronger longer-lasting EGO today! The new power save technology helps to improve the efficiency of this product. The manual battery can be turned off and on to help it last longer or store it safer, and contains a microchip to prevent overcharging. Anytime a fully charged battery is still on a charger, the charger will shut off the voltage to prevent damage. The best part of the EGO battery; it is designed to fit Premium’s cartridges so you can continue enjoying your favorite Premium flavors as you have previously.

Kit Includes:

-1 Rechargable EGO manual battery (4.2V, 650mAH)
-1 USB charger
-1 AC adapter
-1 Pack of Cartridges
-1 Elegant Cartridge Carrying Case

Operating Instructions:

To assemble your new EGO, screw the battery into the cartridge casing. Then, gently screw the cartridge into the threading of the cartridge casing. All EGO's will arrive in the off position. To turn the EGO on or off, press the LED button 3 times rapidly. The LED will then flash 3 times to indicate the battery has just been turned on or off.

To use the EGO, press the LED button to activate the battery and inhale from the cartridge. Release the button after inhaling as keeping the button pressed for too long will cause overheating and damage the EGO unit. Once the cartridge is used, dispose of it and attach a new one to continue vaping.

Battery charging instructions:

To charge the battery, screw the unit into the USB charger. The battery will flash 3 times to indicate it has been connected properly to the charger. Completely charge the battery prior to its next use to help prolong the battery’s life. The LED on the USB charger will show red while the battery is charging, then change to green once the charge is complete. The battery can take up to 5 hours to charge completely. The batteries contain a microchip to prevent overcharging. Anytime a fully charged battery is still on a charger, the charger will shut off the voltage to prevent damage.


Not intended for use by minors under 18 years of age, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
Store batteries and cartridges at room temperature and do not drop them or allow them to come into contact with other metal objects to prevent damage or short circuiting
Keep all components out of the reach of children.
If you experience any adverse reactions, you may need a lower nicotine content. If reaction continues, discontinue use and contact a physician.
If at any point the battery or cartridge overheats, immediately discontinue use until it returns to a regular temperature.
Remove all products from outlets/chargers before cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Premium Starter Kit 4.9


29th Mar 2013



These batteries are fantastic. I am SO glad I got 2 of these. I was getting SO tired of juggling the 2 PR110s and 1 PR 111 I have because when I only had 2 of the 110s, I'd drain one before the other finished charging which is why I added a 111 which I wish I never bought, wishing instead that I'd made the jump to the EGO before buying it. I bought an EGO starter kit then an extra battery as well as an extra USB charging cable. Turns out I didn't need the extra charger because these batteries don't take very long to charge and unlike the PR110 or PR111's I have, I can use one of them while charging the other and the charging is done LONG before I've drained the charge on the one in use.

If you're thinking about getting an EGO but aren't too sure if it's worth it, or if they're really any better than the regular batteries, well, take it from me, they REALLY ARE waaaay better! No more stressing out over charging!!!

Premium Starter Kit 4.9


25th Feb 2013

Alex O


I bought this product a little while back, and I have found it to be the only solution for an alternative to actual cigarettes. It has a great battery life and the amount of vapor it produces, which was a problem with my previous model, simulates the feeling of actually smoking! Or at least the closest thing to it. Truely an amazing product with great durability and long battery life. Thank you Premium!

Premium Starter Kit 4.9

GREAT PRODUCT. A+ Customer service

14th Feb 2013

Karen Long


I started using electronic cigarettes after my beloved pet, Willie died of lung cancer January 11/11. I know that the only way for him to have gotten the cancer was through 13 years of my smoking around him. I tried everything from nicotine patches to prescriptions meds to quit smoking. Nothing worked for me. Do as a tribute to Willie, I started using premium e-cigs six months after his death. 6/11/11. I haven't had a tobacco product since. I have tried other brands but nothing compares to Premium. I started with 2 of the basic cigarettes starter kits. Those are great for light smokers. But, I needed one that remained charged for a long time. ENTER THE EGO. I have 2. 1 will last me all day with a good strong puff each draw. I have my backup EGO ready always. Let me also mention that the customer service with Premium is 5 star. Thank you premium e-cigs- my life is more healthy and happy with your ingenious products.

Premium Starter Kit 4.9


28th Jan 2013



This is awesome on day 5, still haven't had to charge, never thought I would be able to quit cigarettes.

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