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Electronic cigarette USB carrying case
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Product Description

Need power on the go? Each Premium USB power case has a built-in battery. Charge your USB case battery and you will have enough power to fully recharge up to 4 Premium electronic cigarette batteries while on the road. Premium USB power cases fit one PR110, PR111 or PR118 battery and 2 refill cartridges. It can plug into any USB device and re-charge your electronic cigarette battery. Available in 8 colors as listed above.
Please note: The USB Case does not include an electronic cigarette battery or refill cartridges, and is just the USB charging carrying case.  If you're interested in purchasing the On-The-Go Starter Kit, visit here to purchase.


The USB case contains internal battery. There are 2 lights located inside the case. The top light shows USB case battery charge. When you plug the case into the USB port, the light will turn red indicating that the case battery is charging. Once the case battery is fully charged, the light will turn green.

The bottom light in the case indicates charge of the Premium electronic cigarette battery. When the battery is charging, the light will be steady red. Once the electronic cigarette battery is fully charged, the bottom light will start blinking.

It will take you about 3-5 hours to fully recharge the USB case battery. And it will take you about 2-4 hours to fully charge the electronic cigarette battery. The USB case is designed to recharge electronic cigarette battery at least 4 times before you have to recharge the case.

Once the electronic cigarette battery is fully charged, screw the refill cartomizer onto the battery and you are now ready to puff away. Please make sure that you remove both rubber caps and the plastic insert from the refill cartomizer before using it.

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Premium Pocket Case 4.5

6th Sep 2013


I have had two of these super thin yet durable chargers for three years and still going strong very well built and light goes out when fully charged so no need to unscrew until next use and I get four or more charges off each case and charging is done when you are ready to use again!!!5 STARS!!GREAT PRODUCT AND ALSO HOLDS CARTOMIZERS AND NOTHING EVER FALLS OUT BUT STAYS IN CASE FIRMLY!!

Premium Pocket Case 4.5


17th Jun 2013



Really Great case. You can really rely on this case holding its charge for a while, and is great to use as your primary charger! Much better than having your battery sticking out of your cable box!

The only issue is that this case MAY short your battery! this is a combination of design flaw and technically, improper use of the device. Not a big deal if you use the charger properly. **The short comes from carrying the battery in the case, without it being screwed into the charge slot**. If you wish to carry the fully charged battery in the case without being plugged, simply TURN the battery around so that the contacts aren't touching.

Premium Pocket Case 4.5

No downside.

7th Jun 2013



This rig replaced the pack of Camels that rode my shirt pocket for ten years, and the transition was flawless. The convenience and ease of use allowed me to replace traditional smokes without disrupting my long-established tactile and oral habits. The case is sturdy, the USB cable can withstand moderate incidental abuse, and, perhaps because I carry it in a shirt pocket, I have not experienced the latch issues reported by the reviewers above.

I highly recommend this product as the best e-cigarette package available on the market at any price point.

Premium Pocket Case 4.5


17th Jul 2012



The only problem I have with it. While the case is in your pocket the cig keeps popping out. Then When I open it all the cartridges pop out. Perfect case for going on vacation and that sort of thing. Other than that I love it gives me another way to charge another battery if I have one already charging

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