Premium Vapes EGO Lux Kit

New EGO Kit for eliquid
  • New EGO Kit for eliquid
  • Black, Silver, Coffee, Blue, Platinum, Gold
  • recessed LED button
  • Clearomizers
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Product Description

Introducing the Premium Vapes EGO Kit for eliquid! These new kits come in colors: black, silver, platinum, gold, blue, and coffee! 

Kit Includes:

-1 EGO battery

-1 Clearomizer

-1 USB

-1 User's Manual

First Time Use:

Charge your battery for 4 hours, even if the LED on your USB charger turns green (which normally indicates it is fully charged). After the initial charge, it is always best to remove battery from USB charger when the USB turns green.


Battery equipped with recessed manual button with LED ring

Battery: 650 mAH

Clearomizer for eliquid

USB charger with LED indicator

Operating Instructions:


Press and hold button to vape.

Battery has 3 click on/off function.


Unscrew the base/atomizer head from clearomizer.

Hold clearomizer with mouth tip facing downward and tilted slightly.

Fill chamber with liquid, avoid the center air tube.

Check that the atomizer head is tightened to the base.

Screw the base/atomizer head to the filled clearomizer.

Allow eliquid to soak into the atomizer head for 2-3 minutes before using.

Attach to battery and begin vaping.


Always ensure your battery is fully charged before using.

Red LED indicates uncharged.

Green LED indicates full charge. 

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