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Product Description

A classic piece never goes out of style. Our classic white Ecigarette battery will help you achieve the closest resemblance appearance to a traditional cigarette. Available in three different lengths, the PR110, PR111, and PR118 allowing you to choose which best fits your needs.
PR110 model: It’s the smallest size battery we offer, about the length of a traditional cigarette with a cartomizer attached. Its battery life is equivalent to about half a cartomizer. Measures 3.9 inches end to end with a cartomizer attached. This battery is our most common battery as it is lightweight, small, and convenient to carry with you.
PR111 model: These batteries have a longer battery life allowing you more time in between charging periods and will last about 3/4ths of a cartomizer. If you are a heavier smoker, our PR111 batteries are a smarter choice, as you won’t have to charge your battery as often. Measures 4.2 inches end to end with cartomizer attached.
PR118 model: Our longest battery gives you the ability to use an entire refill cartomizer before needing to recharge these batteries. They are our longest battery we offer, and do have a heaver weight than our PR110 or PR111 models, but offer you the longest battery life. Since your need to recharge these batteries is cut in half of our PR110 models, our PR118’s will have the longest overall life.  Measures 4.5 inches end to end with cartomizer attached.

Customer Reviews

White EGO battery 5

Best Battery I've Tried!

10th Jul 2013



I have used several e-cigarette batteries and this is the best, by far.
Stopped smoking two years ago after trying many other methods and haven't missed it.
Don't think I'll stop vaping any time soon - I call it my adult pacifier. Haha!
Just wish I'd stop losing the batteries!
This time I'm getting a color - hopefully, I won't be able to lose this one as easily!

White EGO battery 5

Clssic look

3rd Jul 2012



I like new technology, but classic look of a cigarette. I will only use white batteries and tobacco cartridges. The last battery lasted me about 6 months and I use a cartridge a day, so I feel like I got pretty good life out of it.

White EGO battery 5

Classic look is the best

23rd Jun 2012



I like the classic look of cigarette. Feels like I still smoke, even know I'm "vaping". Even know premium has great selection of batteries, I always choose the white battery on my reorders. Word of advice: Don't forget to remove it from your jeans before the wash. I have lost 2 batteries already due to my negligence. I'm happy that Premium's speedy service always delivers products on time, so I never have to go back to nasty cigarettes.

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