White EGO battery

EGO electronic cigarette battery - white
  • EGO electronic cigarette battery - white
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Product Description

As flawless and untouched as fresh falling snow the White EGO battery is our most popular color. No one can resist the pure white color of this battery proudly displaying the green Premium logo. Our Premium EGO battery lasts well over 800 puffs on just one charge; that's four times the battery life of your traditional Ecigarette. Our Premium EGO batteries are exclusively designed to fit our cartomizers, the first of any EGO in the industry to be compatible with cartomizers! The EGO batteries are .5" in diameter, 3.5" long without a cartomizer attached, and slightly heavier than your traditional Ecigarette. All of our EGO batteries have a newly developed rubberized matte finish, making them easy to grip, smooth, and comfortable in your hand.

Customer Reviews

White Crystal Battery 5

Amazing & a MUST buy!!

12th Sep 2013



NO MORE worrying about charging & carrying multiple PR110 & PR111's. This battery lasted thru 3 cartridges!!! 3!!!! Amazing!! I ordered my 1st one after being Premium E Cig customer for 9 mo.'s.
Whether you are a light or heavy "E Smoker" I HIGHLY recommend this product. As, a heavy e-smoker, myself, I've now purchased 2 & no longer have to worry about my batteries dying. What a relief.
If you are considering purchasing think no more, this is a MUST buy!!!!!

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