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Information On Lung Conditions Linked To Vaping


Dear PremiumEcig customers,

As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, e-cigarettes are under attack. In our 11 years of business, I have seen my share of misguided reporting from the media and the government, but I have never seen such deliberate spread of misinformation. Today, state governments are trying to take this great product away from smokers and it’s my duty to inform you about our position and hopefully answer some concerns that you might have.

As I have mentioned, our company has been manufacturing e-cigarettes for over 11 years. We entered the market in 2008 as one of first 5 ecig companies in US. It’s not an easy task to stay in business for this long, but having top quality products, responsible business practices, and a great staff are the core values that have allowed us to continue to help our customers year after year. As an engineer, I have been committed and involved from the very beginning to improving electronic cigarettes. The work I did with Chinese engineers and manufacturers helped progress the technology to where it is today. Currently, I have been awarded 5 patents for these improvements, and plan to continue to develop innovations for as long as I can.

After 11 years of experience in product design and sales, we have never had a case where our products were linked or connected to any sort of lung related illness. I can assure you that the information being supplied by news sources is not related to our products. I’m also 99.99% confident the lung conditions are not related to nicotine or ecigarette (vape) use. At present, the CDC suggests the, “products containing THC play a role in the outbreak,” due to the fact that almost all the cases involve vaping marijuana (THC) products.

I know that this media attack is far from over and it might get even worse before it gets better. However, don’t let media fool you, there are MANY studies that show e-cigarettes are a better alternative to combustible cigarettes. Cigarettes kill 1300 people DAILY in United States alone. I’m very disappointed that certain states are taking such drastic steps and completely banning ecigarette (vape) products or flavored cartridges. Our average customer age is 45+ and our nicotine levels range from 24mg to 0mg, allowing you to gradually decrease nicotine usage. Our products have always been designed with the intentions of providing a better, alternate solution to traditional cigarettes. As we continue to monitor the regulations, we will do everything in our power to keep selling our products and update you every step of the way. We care about you and do not want you to go back to smoking traditional cigarettes.

My staff and I are here for you and we will continue to do our best in being a responsible company and keeping you as top priority.


Vitali Servutas