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Learn ecig lingo with Premium’s glossary that includes everything from technical jargon to slang.  We want to keep this content growing as new terms and language emerge so please feel free to add suggestions, comments or questions!

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  • 1-piece cigarette: Pre-charged battery and cartridge in one single unit. Usually called a disposable because it cannot be charged or refilled with liquid once no vapor can be produced.
  • 2-piece cigarette: E-cigarette consisting of two pieces. A rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge or clearomizer
  • 3-piece cigarette: A very old style of ecigarettes (the first actually) where the rechargeable battery, atomizer and replaceable cartridge or cartomizer as three separate pieces.
  • 808: style of battery threading for cig-a-like units that has male threading (to be used with female threaded cartridges).
  • 510: Most common style of thread connection for tanks, rebuildables, and mods. 510 can also mean the style of drip tip. These drip tips are usually push-on and replaceable rather than screw on.
  • 510: male threading on atomizers or cartridges
  • 18350: A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is used in smaller mods and generally have low amp rating. Measures 18mm x 35mm.
  • 18500: A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is slightly larger than 18350 batteries and offers a longer battery life. Measures 18mm x 50mm.
  • 18650: Most commonly used, A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for regulated and unregulated mods. Measures 18mm x 65mm.
  • 26650: The largest sized rechargeable Lithium-ion battery used with regulated and unregulated mods. Usually for users whose atomizers have a resistance of less than 1 ohm.


  • Adapter:  Dual threaded piece used to allow a specific atomizer, cartridge, or clearomizer to be threaded onto a different battery.
  • Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) : An older slang term for mods.
  • AFC:  Air Flow Control. Refers to a dial found on an atomizer to adjust the amount of air intake.
  • Airflow:  The amount of air sucked into an atomizer. Tighter airflow means less air intake but more flavor. Larger, more opened airflow produces more vapor and sometimes less flavor.
  • All Day Vape:  A flavor of liquid you could never get tired of. One that you could vape consistently without it getting old.
  • APV: Advanced Personal Vapor. Usually requiring separate batteries, tanks, and atomizers.
  • Amperage (amp): The flow of energy along a circuit. Lower amps meaning you are less capable of using high voltages or low resistance atomizers. Higher amps mean it can handle atomizers with a low resistance without overheating.
  • Analog: A slang term for a traditional tobacco cigarette.
  • Ass Juice:  A term used for e-liquid that taste horrible.
  • Atomizer:  Metal casing housing the coil and wick that is heated to produce vapor.
  • Atty: Abbreviation for atomizer.
  • Automatic: A style of e-cigarette that does not have a button and activates simply by taking a draw, most similar to a tradition cigarette and usually seen with cig-a-like style units.
  • Automatic Shutoff: Safety feature commonly found in most regulated E-cigarettes that prevents the battery from overheating. Meaning the device will shut off automatically.


  • BCC:  Bottom Coil Clearomizer. The atomizer coil sits at the bottom of the clearomizer tank.
  • Battery:  Provides power to the atomizer to produce vapor.
  • Box Mod: Advanced style e-cigarette shaped like a box that features variable voltage and/or variable wattage and/or temperature control. Two types being mechanical and regulated. Regulated box mods have either an internal (built in batteries) and others house replaceable batteries. These types of mods have power outputs ranging anywhere between 1W-200W.
  • BVC: Abbreviation for Bottom Vertical Coil. Meaning there are two coils within the tank built in a vertical position.
  • Building: Verb used to describe when making your own coil.
  • Burner: Slang for a traditional cigarette.


  • Cartomizer : Compact sealed container that are disposable and pre-filled with liquid and contain an atomizer. Same as a cartridge. Used with cig-a-like units.
  • Cartridge: Compact sealed container that are disposable and pre-filled with liquid and contain an atomizer. Used with cig-a-like units.

  **Fun Fact: Cartridges used to only be used with three piece systems (plastic container + atomizer + battery). When cartomizers (cartridge + atomizer combined into one unit), cartridges became obsolete and cartridge and cartomizer became synonymous, a closed container holding eliquid and the atomizer.

  • CASAA: Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. Non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and protect the right to access reduced harm alternatives
  • Charger : Used to recharge an e-cigarette or external battery.
  • Cig-A-Like : Term used for an e-cigarette that mostly resembles a traditional cigarette in size and function. Examples: 808 batteries.
  • Clapton Coil : A coil made with a larger gauge wire, wrapped tightly by a smaller gauge wire.
  • Clearomizer : A transparent version of a cartomizer usually made with plastic but sometimes glass. Clearomizers are refillable and some have feature replaceable coils as well. They hold anywhere from 1mL to 6mL’s of eliquid.
  • Clone : A knockoff of an original e-cigarette brand.
  • Cloud : The vapor that is exhaled when vaping. Clouds generally are referred when the amount of vapor produced is large and very dense.
  • Cloud Chasing : Vapers who try to achieve the largest, densest clouds of vapor.
  • Coil : The wire that heats up the liquid to produce vapor. Usually made up of Kanthal or Nichrome wire.
  • Coil Jig : A tool used to easily wrap perfect coils.
  • Connection : The threaded piece allowing you to screw into an atomizer, cartridge, clearomizer, etc.…


  • Deck : A flat base where the positive and negative posts sit on and RBA/RDA. Designed to keep eliquid off of the battery connection. Some having a raised lip around the outer edge to prevent liquid from running off the side.
  • Digital Cigarette : An out of date term for electronic cigarette.
  • Disposable : An e-cigarette that is an all in device that cannot be charge nor can it be refilled.
  • DNA : A chipset made by Evolv. A variable wattage board that is generally used to describe any mod with an Evolv chip.
  • Draw or Drag : The act of inhaling vapor.
  • Drip (Dripping) : To refill an atomizer via drops of eliquid directly onto the coil of an atomizer.
  • Drip Tip : The very top piece attached to an atomizer which you put your mouth on.
  • Dry Hit : Firing and drawing on an atomizer without it being saturated in liquid.


  • ECF : Electronic Cigarette Forum. One of the largest online forums for electronic cigarettes.
  • eGo Battery : A style of electronic cigarette that is a tad bigger than a cig-a-like and uses eGo threading, 510 threading or both (via adapter).
  • eGo Threading : Standard threaded for eGo batteries in which the battery has a male threading and cartomizer or clearomizer has female threading.
  • E-Juice, E-Liquid, E-Nicotine : Liquid that produces vapor in an electronic cigarette.
  • Electronic Cigar : An electronic cigarette that resembles a traditional tobacco cigar.
  • Electronic Cigarette -  A smoker’s alternative to traditional cigarettes to satisfy nicotine cravings. Battery operated product that administers doses of nicotine in the form of a vaporized solution.


  • FDA : Food and Drug Administration. Oversees rules and regulations pertaining to safety of food and drug products sold in the Unites States.
  • Filler Material or Filler : Material inside of a cartridge used to keep liquid inside of the cartridge and regulate flow to the atomizer.
  • Firmware Upgrade : A feature on various regulated mods that will allow you to upgrade the firmware in your mod by connecting it to a computer via USB. These firmware upgrades can be for a number of things; adding additional watts, colors on the screen, and sometimes Bluetooth.
  • Flavor : Refers to specific flavor of your e-liquid or cartridge.
  • Flooding : A term used for when there is too much e-liquid on your atomizer. Sounds like gurgling when taking a draw and can cause for some e-liquid to get in your mouth.
  • Fuse : Designed fuse for mechanical mods to prevent some types of battery failure.
  • Fused Clapton : A Clapton coil but has two or more wires in the core as opposed to one in a regular Clapton coil.


  • Glassomizer : A clearomizer that has a glass tank rather than plastic.
  • Genesis Atomizer : An atomizer that uses steel mesh instead of silica or cotton. The coil is positioned at the top of the tank with e-liquid delivered by the way of osmosis.
  • GRAS : Generally Recognized as Safe. An acronym created by the FDA to ensure people that the product they are using is safe.
  • Grub Screw : A type of screw where the tip is pointed to better secure wires and used in some atomizer’s posts.


  • Heat Sink : Protrusions on a mod, atomizer, or drip tip designed to dissipate heat by allowing the surface area to have more airflow.
  • Heat Steeping : The process of speeding up steeping by placing a bottle of e-liquid in a container of hot water for any length of time. Steeping is known to sometimes intensify flavors in high VG e-liquid.
  • High Resistance : An atomizer that has a high ohm reading, allowing you to apply higher voltage to the coil(s). Requires less of a draw but produces the same amount of vapor.
  • Hit : Slang for inhaling vapor.
  • High Voltage : A device that operates about the standard 3.7 volts.
  • Hot Spot : When the coil has areas of excess heat and known to cause dreadful dry hits.
  • HV Atomizer : An atomizer specifically designed for higher voltage vaping and not for the use with standard batteries that have low power.
  • HV Mod : A mod that houses dual batteries to allow for higher power vaping.
  • Hybrid or Hybrid Mod : Mostly mechanical mods that have a combined topper and battery holder designed to fit together seamlessly.


  • ICR : Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery.
  • IMR : Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery.
  • Inception Coil : A nano coil within a macro coil made from one continuous piece of wire.


  • Joules : Passing an electric current of one ampere through a resistance of one ohm for one second. A unit of power only used in mods that feature temperature control functionality.
  • Juice : Slang for e-liquid. Liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette.
  • Juice well : A cup like part located at the base of an RBA that will hold excess e-liquid.


  • Kanthal : A specific brand of wire that is used for building coils for electronic cigarettes and is usually sold for rebuildables.
  • Kanthal A1 : A grade of Kanthal wire which is considered by most to be the best wire for coils.
  • Kick : (1.) Slang for throat hit. (2.) A chipset made by Evolv that is inserted into a mechanical mod to convert it to a variable voltage/variable wattage device.


  • Leaking : When e-liquid leaks out of an atomizer, tank, cartomizer, etc. and occurs when too much e-liquid is added. In some cases, can cause damage to the battery.
  • LED : Light Emitting Diode. Light at the end of a cig-a-like or inside a screen on a regulated mod.
  • Li-Ion Batteries : Lithium Ion Rechargeable batteries. Known to be the most powerful batteries for electronic cigarettes.
  • Li-Po : Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery which is made of different material from Lithium Ion Batteries.
  • Liquid : Also known as juice, e-liquid, or liquid. Liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette.
  • LR : Low Resistance. An atomizer with a low ohm reading of 1.5 or lower ohm coils. Lower resistance coils produce more vapor but reduces the battery life.


  • Macro Coil : Coils that are much larger wraps touching each other, opposite of micro coils in size.
  • mAh : Abbreviation of milliampere hour, a term used to describe a battery’s capacity to store energy.
  • Manuel : A style of electronic cigarette that has a button that is needed to be pressed for vapor to be produced.
  • Manuel Shut-off : A safety feature on most manual devices that allows the user to turn off the battery in order to make it safe to transport.
  • Mechanical Mod or Mech Mod : E-Cigarettes that do not have any wires or regulating chips. Made with a manual switch that is pressed to complete the circuit and usually constructed with metal in a tube shape but sometimes a box.
  • Microcomputer : A chip that signals the battery to send a charge of power to the atomizer which is used to start the e-cigarette.
  • Microprocessor : Is what is responsible for controlling the heater and indicator LED light.
  • Micro Coil : A coil where the wire wraps are all touching, requiring more wraps than a traditional coil.
  • Milligrams (mg) : The unit of measure for how much nicotine is in the e-liquid or cartridge. For example; 6mg means 6mg of nicotine per ml or 0.8%.
  • Mod : Short for “modifications”. E-cigarettes mods usually employ larger batteries to give users a longer battery life and stronger vapor production. Mods are available in mechanical versions or variable voltage/variable wattage versions.
  • Mouthpiece : The top of the e-cigarette which users inhale vapor.


  • Nickel Wire : Wire that is pure nickel and has a very low resistance. Only used for temperature controlled mods.
  • Nicotine : An alkaloid found in tobacco and is as harmless as caffeine. E-liquid and cartridges offer various strengths of nicotine as well as zero nicotine.
  • Nicotine Level : The amount of nicotine per cartridge or within a bottle of e-liquid. Usually measured in mg/ml.
  • Noob : Short for newbie. Meaning a person who is new to vaping.
  • No Resistance Wire : Wire that does not heat up, its only conductive wire used in RBA’s to complete a circuit to the coil.
  • NRT : Nicotine Replacement Therapy.


  • Ohm (Ω) : Unit of electrical resistance. Lower ohm indicates lower resistance and therefore, faster heating.
  • Organic Cotton : A type of cotton that is used for wicking in atomizers and tanks. This type of cotton burns quicker than silica but offers a cleaner, pure, and more intense flavor.


  • Parallel : Batteries that are wired into a mod in parallel to each other which increases battery life at the cost of voltage.
  • Pass-through : When a user can vape the device while charging it at the same time. It can also refer to pass-through models where no batteries are in the device but can still be used by plugging it in to computer or power bank via USB.
  • PCC : Acronym for Personal Charging Case. Usually only used for cig-a-likes.
  • Personal Vaporizer (PV) : An entire electronic cigarette.
  • PG : Propylene Glycol. One of two main ingredients found in e-liquid. This is used as a base carrier for nicotine and flavoring, whereas VG (vegetable glycerol) provides more of the vapor production.
  • Pipe Style : A type of electronic cigarette made to resemble a tobacco pipe and sometimes referred to as e-pipe.
  • Priming : Preparing a wick to vape. Usually is done by soaking the wick in e-liquid and then taking a few drags without heating the coil. This is to prevent users from getting any dry hits.
  • Protected Batteries : Batteries that contain a chip for safety by breaking the circuit once the voltage becomes too low or too high.
  • Pull : Another term for inhaling vapor.

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  • RBA : Rebuildable Atomizer.
  • Rebuildables - Refers to tanks or atomizers that have give the user the option to build and rebuild their own coils and wicks. RBA’s allow vapors to adjust resistance, easily change out wicks, and experiment with various setups to achieve the preferred vapes. Used mostly by advanced users.
  • RDA : Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.
  • RDTA : Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer.
  • Regulated Mod : An e-cigarette that features variable voltage and variable wattage.
  • Resistance : Unit of measure for ohm. Resistance depends on the thickness of wire uses, the number of wraps, and the circumference of the coils.
  • Resistance Wire : Wire that is used to build coils and heats up when an electrical current is applied. Typically made from kanthal or Nichrome.
  • Ribbon Kanthal, Ribbon Wire, Ribbon : A type of resistance wire used for building coils. This specific type of wire has a flat cross section rather than round.
  • RTA : Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.


  • Series : For mods with dual battery configurations that are wired in serious. This increases the voltage output at the expense of battery life.
  • Sensor : The part of the e-cigarette battery that detects when the user has taken a draw.
  • Silica : Material used for building wicks. It has a very high melting point so it can be cleaned with an open flame like a butane torch.
  • Smart Chip -  A computer chip within the e-cigarette battery that allows it to function.
  • Smoke Juice : Another term for e-liquid.
  • Squonk : Mods that a have a modified 510 connection where a bottle of juice located within the mod, can be squeezed (squonked) to push liquid into the atomizer, rda, or tank from below.
  • Standard Resistance : Standard resistance for a cartomizer is typically 3.0ohm and the standard resistance from an atomizer is 2.5ohm.
  • Stick Style : An electronic cigarette that resembles a traditional cigarette. Sometimes referred to as cig-a-like.
  • Sub-Ohming : Coils that have a resistance below one to achieve massive vaping clouds. This is practiced by more advanced users and sometimes referred to as subbing.
  • Sweet Spot : Balancing different variables to achieve a satisfying vape. These variables are most commonly voltage, wattage, and resistance.


  • Tailpiping : Dripping e-liquid without a drip tip.
  • Tank : A plastic or glass storage chamber that holds e-liquid.
  • Thermal Runaway : A chain reaction that results in fire and bursting of a rechargeable lithium based battery. This can result from overcharging, short circuiting, stacking batteries, and physical damage to the battery.
  • Throat Hit : The feeling a user gets in the back of the throat when vaping e-liquid containing nicotine. The more nicotine, the more throat hit.
  • Tiger Coil : A coil that is wrapped with regular kanthal twisted with ribbon wire.
  • Titanium Wire : Another alternative to nichrome, nickel, and kanthal wire. Titanium wire can provide a cleaner flavor but can be more difficult to work with than regular kanthal. Excellent for using with mods that have temperature control functionality.
  • Triple Coil : When cartomizers, atomizers, or rebuildables have three coils. This is known to have more vapor production at the cost of battery life.
  • Tube Mod : A mod that comes in a tube shape. These are usually mechanical mods.


  • Unicorn Bottle : Plastic bottles that hold anywhere from 15mL : 30mL’s of e-liquid. Unicorn bottles are a convenient way to carry your liquid as well as for dripping and filling up tanks.
  • Unprotected Battery : A lithium based battery that has no protection from over charging, short circuiting, or any other situations that can result in a thermal runaway.
  • USB Charger : A charger used for charging e-cigarettes that have a USB port. Can also be used to apply a firmware upgrade to your mod.


  • Vape or Vaping : The act of “smoking” and electronic cigarette. Being the e-cigarettes produce vapor rather than smoke, users refer this to vaping.
  • Vapers : A person or group of people who vape.
  • Vapor : The water vapor that is produced when the e-liquid is heated by the atomizer.
  • Vapor Production : Refers to how much vapor is produced when inhaling then exhaling from an e-cigarette.
  • Vapor’s Tongue : A term used when a user constantly vapes one e-liquid, resulting in their taste buds to become desensitized to the flavor.
  • Variable Voltage : A feature on a regulated mod that allow user control over the voltage output of their device. When adjusting the voltage, there are acceptable ranges for the resistance measured in ohms.
  • Variable Wattage : A feature on a regulated mod that allow user control over the wattage output of their device.
  • VG : Vegetable Glycerin. An ingredient in e-liquid that when heated will produce vapor. Typically, VG produces more vapor production than its PG counterpart but provides less flavor and throat hit.
  • Ventilation Holes : A hole or series of holes on a mod that prevent the battery or batteries from over-heating and to vent harmful gases in the case that your battery goes into a thermal runaway.
  • Vertical Coil : Coils that are rotated 90° instead of leaving the coils positioned horizontally. Often allows for better airflow in rebuildable dripping atomizers.
  • Voltage : The amount of kinetic energy and when paired with resistance, creates wattage.
  • Voltage Drop : Refers to the drop in power and is typically experienced by mechanical mod users. Fully charged batteries have a voltage output of 4.2V, as the voltage drops, so does the power and vapor production of the e-cigarette.


  • Wattage (watt) : The amount of raw heat the coil uses to vaporize e-liquid.
  • Wick : Material used inside a coil to hold and deliver e-liquid. This can be made from silica, mesh, ceramic, or cotton.
  • Wire : Refers to resistance wire used to build coils.
  • Wrapping : Refers to the process of “wrapping” wire around a tool (usually a screw driver) to build a coil.
  • Wraps : Refers to the amount of revolutions used when wrapping a coil. The more wraps the coil has, the higher the resistance

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