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Facts about Smoking

As anyone will be able to tell you regardless if he or she is a smoker or not, everyday we are told how harmful the effects of cigarettes can be for those who smoke. We see ads, gruesome pictures of the effects of cancer posted on cigarette packs and even several medical studies that present us fact after fact about just how terrible the consequences of smoking can be both for smokers and for the people around them. However, contrary to what one may think, nowadays people are buying more cigarettes than ever.

So, instead of taking the typical approach and showing you more of the same warnings you might have already seen, we will talk about other consequences of smoking, ones that can be somewhat unknown to some:

Second-hand smoke: This is smoke that is inhaled by non-smokers that are present or live nearby smokers. It has been proven to affect non-smokers even more than smoking people, since the not only inhale the smoke that has been “puffed out” by smokers, but also the one that is created when the cigarette burns. Both of these can be extremely harmful, especially among children, whose deaths due to lung conditions account for thousands every year.
Cancer: Even if everybody believes that cancer is one of the potential risks of smoking, that simple belief has come to be a cold, hard fact. This is further evidenced by more and more people under 50 years of age showing signs of cancer every day.

Smoking is also the top cause for miscarriage on pregnant mothers. Even if it might sound hard to believe, there are still irresponsible mothers who smoke while pregnant and then would wonder about the reason when they suffer a miscarriage.

It is not only about tobacco and nicotine: Even though these two are the most talked-about toxins present in cigarettes, the truth is that there are more than 60 others which can be far more harmful (like tar for example), and since their low-profile keeps them from the attention of the media and hence, from smokers, they are still used, most of them in unrestricted levels.

As you can see, there is far more to the hazards of cigarette than is regularly shown or advertised, and there is always time to consider fully quitting. Or if you feel you are not ready for it yet, there are alternatives to smoking that you might want to try.
One of the most effective ones are electronic cigarettes, which are vaporizers that provide almost the same experience as traditional cigarettes, while avoiding virtually all of the existent toxins present in them.

Now more than ever, if you ever had a thought about quitting but found it too hard or sudden, then you have an excellent alternative that can make the process far smoother and that will put you in the right course towards a healthier life.