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What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a two part device that simulates the smoking of a traditional cigarette sans all the harmful chemical additives found in major tobacco products.
-The cartomizer is composed of a cartridge containing liquid ingredients required to create a full vapor (water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavoring) and a heating element that heats up when attached to a battery that steams the products to create the vapor being inhaled.
-The e cigarette batteries are lithium-ion units that are activated by an air pressure sensor that is triggered when the user “takes a drag”. The battery turns on and supplies power to the heating element located in the cartomizer.

The Products:
Each of our Premium starter kits will come with some variation of the following
USB Charger
AC Adapter
PR110/PR111/PR118 battery
Flavored Cartomizers
User’s manual (please fully read before beginning use of products)

Which cartridge is right for you?
Each cartridge is equivalent to one American pack of traditional cigarettes (20 cigarettes/pack). As a general guideline on which cartridge strength you should choose, we recommend the following:
Full flavored cigarette smoker = Ultra high 24mg
Light cigarette smoker = High 16mg
Ultra light cigarette smoker = Medium 11mg

Our Low 6mg is a good choice for someone without a serious nicotine dependence (such as for social smokers), and the None 0mg of course has no nicotine content at all.

First Use

Upon receipt of your new Premium starter kit, the first thing you’ll want to do is fully charge your Premium Ecigarette battery.

-Attach the battery to the charger
-The LED at the tip of the battery will flash 3x to indicate it’s been connected properly
-Allow your battery to completely charge; the charger’s LEDs will indicate the unit is ready
-Remove battery from charger and attach a fresh cartomizer; you’ll be ready to puff away!

Recharging Your Battery
When your battery has used up the last of its charge, the LED tip will flash 10x.

-Remove the battery from your cartomizer and reattach the unit to your charging device
-The LED will flash 3x and the charger’s LEDs should turn red to indicate charging
-Batteries require approximately 2-3 hours to complete a full charge
- Allow your battery to completely charge; the charger’s LEDs will indicate the unit is ready
We recommend exhausting your battery completely before recharging to maximize the lifespan potential of 300 charges.

When to Change Your Battery or Cartomizer
How to know which is exhausted; your battery or your cartomizer:

-The tip of your battery will flash 10x to indicate recharging is required
-If your battery does not indicate recharging is required but vapor is no longer being produced, a new cartomizer should be attached
-Rule of thumb: PR110 batteries last ½ of one cartomizer, PR111 batteries lat ¾ of one cartomizer, PR118 batteries last the full length of one cartomizer

How to Use your Premium USB Case
-First charge the case fully, the top LED will be red to indicate charging and after approximately 5 hours change to green once the charge is complete
-We recommend the USB charging case not be attached to a power source while charging your ecigarette battery
-Screw the Premium Ecigarette battery into the charging port, as with other chargers the tip of the unit will flash 3x to show a proper connection has been achieved
-The bottom LED will be red to indicate charging of the ecigarette battery and after 2-3 hours will turn off to indicate the charge is complete

How to use your Electronic Cigarette Pack
-Ensure the ECP is charged prior to attempting to charge your ecigarette battery
-Attach the unit to a power source; the charge will be indicated by the number of black bars on the blue LED screen
-We recommend the ECP not be attached to a power source while charging your ecigarette battery
-Begin to screw in the battery to the designated charging port
-Once the ecigarette battery is screwed in half way, press and hold the black button on the front of the unit while screwing the ecigarette battery the rest of the way in
- The battery tip will flash 3x simultaneously while the LED on the ECP flashes green, then turn red to indicate the ecigarette is properly charging
- The LEDs will then shut off, and it will take 2-3 hours for the ecigarette battery to completely recharge
-To check the status of your ecigarette battery’s charge, press the black button; a red led will indicate charging, and green will indicate charged

Cleaning Method
-We recommend cleaning all batteries 1-2 times per month
-Do not allow any liquid at any time to enter the battery
-Utilize rubbing alcohol to gently wipe away any dirt on the threading of the battery
-The two small but visible pin holes on the threading of the battery are air passageways, use a small pin to remove any build up from these passageways
-In the battery there is another air passageway located between the inner metal ring and outer threading, again utilize the small pin to remove any dust, dirt, or build up
-Please see our Ecigarette Battery Cleaning Kit for an easy cleaning solution with detailed instructions