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Long Term Effects Of Smoking In Teens

A startling estimate concerning teenagers who begin to smoke is the sheer numbers.  It has been estimated that nearly 3,000 teens begin smoking each and every day.  That figure become well over a million teenagers per year who take up smoking.  The telling statistic that teenagers fail to grasp is that their life expectancy is being reduced from 7 to 30 years the more that they smoke.

Reduced life expectancy results from the adverse long term effects of smoking.  Take for example, the initial shortness of breath during exertion or physical exercise teens feel from smoking.  Smoking makes the body less capable of carrying oxygen throughout the body.  Lack of oxygen can aggravate conditions such as diabetes to the extent that gangrene can occur and loss of limb often results.

Many forms of cancer are caused by smoking.  A partial list includes cancer of the:  mouth, larynx, throat, esophagus, stomach, kidney, bladder, pancreas, and liver.  Leukemia can be caused by smoking.  Cancer due to smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the entire world.

Life expectancy is reduced by pulmonary diseases caused by smoking that often starts in teenage years.  COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia claim far too many lives prematurely.  Lung health being damaged at earlier and earlier developmental stages usually hastens these types of problems.

Heart disease is a long-term effect of smoking in teenage years.  Coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, angina, and atherosclerosis experienced earlier in life results in many deaths.  Smoking kills period.

Even the poor health effects of smoking that show up long before terminal illness should be avoided if possible.  Teens will become susceptible so much earlier to ill effects such as:  premature aging of the skin (wrinkling), reduced fertility, impotence, stomach ulcers, and cataracts.  These facts should reduce the glamorous nature of smoking cigarettes to teens if they will only do a bit of investigation on their own.

There is so much pressure even today on teens to start smoking.  You still see way too much smoking going on in movies and on television.  Cigarette companies are still targeting teens to the greatest degree despite denials.  Peer pressure within certain groups has not resided much either.  Teens need much support and encouragement from family, friends, and professionals to reduce the pull to become smokers.  Sometimes even the best advice and efforts of everyone do not stop teens from beginning to smoke cigarettes.

The best way to avoid the long-term effects of smoking is to either quit as soon as possible, or seek a safe alternative to smoking.  Some teens may turn to nicotine gum.  Others can try electronic cigarettes to help themselves beat the smoking habit.  Electronic cigarettes will reduce the harmful effects by getting rid of the smoke, tar, and harmful carcinogens found in cigarette smoke.  It is true that there may still be a nicotine addiction to deal with, but the deadly smoking will have ceased.