What are E Cigarette Atomizers?

E cigarettes are made up of 2 key components, the cartomizer (the part closest to the user’s mouth) and the battery (the body of the cigarette). When the user “takes a drag” or “vapes” from the product, an air pressure sensor activates the battery, which turns on a heating element inside the cartomizer. This heating… Read More

How to Customize Your E Cigarettes

When it comes to customizing your electronic cigarettes, the possibilities are endless. Choose from distinct traditional flavors, or try something new and different. Personalize your cartomizer with a selection of skins to choose from, which can be mixed and matched with colored batteries. We even have custom batteries for every personality, style, mood, holiday or… Read More

Defendant with E Cigarette Pleads Innocence About Interfering with Flight Crew

After hitting flight crew and singing about Osama bin Laden on a flight to Houston on Tuesday, the arrested 19-year old has pleaded to not being guilty at interfering with the flight crew at the Portland U.S. District Court. Saudi Arabia’s Yazeed Mohammad Abunayyan’s lawyer had stated that his client was suffering from some mental… Read More