Craving a Cigarette on an Overseas Flight?

Smoking is physically addicting — no one disputes that.  If you’re a smoker and don’t have access to cigarettes or permission to smoke, the depletion of nicotine in your system will trigger physical withdrawal symptoms that your brain can’t control.  But, new research points out, some of your cravings are, indeed, a state of mind…. Read More

Do You Mind if I Vape?

One way to fight for your e-cig rights:  Be polite A century or so ago, the playwright Oscar Wilde asked his friend Sarah Barnhardt, “Do you mind if I smoke?”  The actress replied, ”I don’t care if you burn.” Barnhardt’s caustic response became famous partly because it was funny, partly because both she and Wilde… Read More

Bottom Line Benefits of Allowing Electronic Cigarettes in the Workplace

Most smokers are banned from lighting up traditional cigarettes at work.  Employees might not mind — and may even enjoy — going outside on warm, sunny days to smoke.  But no one enjoys shivering outside in sub-freezing temperatures.   Want to convince the boss to let you use smoke-free electronic cigarettes in the office year-round?  Tell… Read More