How to Customize Your E Cigarettes

When it comes to customizing your electronic cigarettes, the possibilities are endless. Choose from distinct traditional flavors, or try something new and different. Personalize your cartomizer with a selection of skins to choose from, which can be mixed and matched with colored batteries. We even have custom batteries for every personality, style, mood, holiday or other occasion. Transport it all in a sleek and lightweight carrying case in the color or design of your choice.

The first customization option to consider is flavor. The taste of your electronic cigarette is the most important aspect of vapor smoking. Our most popular is Premium Tobacco, a blend of well-aged tobacco flavors that tastes as rich and smooth as any top of the line cigarette. Other traditional flavors include our original Tobacco and Menthol. If you’re interested in something more out of the ordinary, try a variety pack with up to 5 different flavors. We have fruity flavors like cherry, watermelon, and grape; rich flavors like chocolate, caramel, and vanilla; and some of your favorite beverage flavors like coffee, cola, and red energy. As always, each flavor is available in any range of nicotine you prefer from ultra-high to none.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite flavors, personalize your electronic cigarette even further with a variety of design options. The cartomizer of the cigarette, the part closest to your mouth, can be customized with the cartomizer skin of your choice. Really stand out from the crowd with one of our dazzling color options including blue, red, green, orange, pink, purple, white, and gold. We also have camouflage colored skins in brown, green, and red. Each skin is inexpensive and easy to apply so you can change the skin as often as you want.

If you want to match the other half of your cigarette with the cartomizer, we have colored batteries that can also be easily interchanged. Mix and match a variety of colored batteries including all of the primary colors, camouflage colors, brown marble, gold, and platinum. Take your design a step above the rest with custom designed batteries. We have a battery design for every holiday from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. There is also an assortment of patterns like cubes, triangles, puzzle, maze, and tile. For a more feminine design, choose a battery with a floral pattern, butterflies, starbursts, and more. Everyone will be asking where you purchased such a unique smoking device.

Transport your electronic cigarettes in a carrying case as unique as the flavors and designs you selected. There are 17 incredible colors and patterns to choose from. The pocket carrying case is the standard because of its sleek and lightweight design. It can hold 1 fully assembled e-cigarette, as well as an extra battery, cartridge, and USB charger. We have carrying cases in luxurious textures like black alligator, leather, or carbon fiber. Stay on trend with an exotic tiger or zebra print. Or simply choose your favorite color; the Black Carrying Case is most popular among our Premium customers. Match your carrying case with your personal style. There’s a design for every mood and outfit, any day of the year!