What are E Cigarette Atomizers?

E cigarettes are made up of 2 key components, the cartomizer (the part closest to the user’s mouth) and the battery (the body of the cigarette). When the user “takes a drag” or “vapes” from the product, an air pressure sensor activates the battery, which turns on a heating element inside the cartomizer. This heating element is the atomizer. Read more about how the product works here.

An atomizer is built out of wiring and metal using advanced micro-electric and physical atomized technology. Once the battery of the electronic cigarette is turned on, the atomizer heats up and vaporizes the cartridge’s ingredients. The cartridge contains simply water, flavoring, nicotine (also offered without nicotine), and the FDA-approved substance propylene glycol. Unlike regular cigarettes, e cigs do not contain tar or any of the other 4,000+ harmful chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes. Once the atomizer turns these harmless ingredients into vapor, the user then inhales and exhales the mist-like vapor that has been steamed by the atomizer. The vapor has the look and feel of real smoke, without the horrible odor or smoke that regular cigarette smoke creates.

Premium Vapes stand up to comparisons with not only regular cigarettes, but also to the other brands in the e-cigarette industry. Our devices are made up with 2 components rather than the 3 components of other brands. Traditionally, these products are made up of the cartomizer (the mouthpiece and cartridge containing the ingredients), the atomizer, and the battery. The atomizer must be connected to each of the other 2 pieces. On the other hand, our products contain the cartomizer and atomizer in just 1 piece, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the atomizer and having to replace it. Instead the atomizer is built inside the cartridge, as well as in each new refill cartridge, so that each time you order refills, you receive a brand new atomizer as well. Installing your new cartridge and atomizer is as easy as screwing off the old piece and screwing on the new one.

Premium's atomizer technology is not only easier to use, it is more affordable. Each refill cartridge and atomizer is built for 250 “drags” of the cigarette. This is double and triple the amount that other 3 part e cigarettes provide, so you’re already saving money by choosing Premium brand devices. When you compare the savings to that of regular cigarettes, the amount you save is even more dramatic. Each refill cartridge is equivalent to more than a pack of cigarettes. If you smoked a pack a day, then switched to smokeless cigarettes for 1 year, you would save on average almost $2,000!

When selecting your brand, the choice is clear. Premium has the most advanced technology in creating a safe and hassle-free way to smoke. Our 2 part cigarette is the only device that allows the atomizer to be connected to the cigarette’s main cartridge, saving you time and money.