Emphysema Facts

One of the most terrible and unknown diseases among heavy smokers is emphysema. Emphysema is a lung condition that, among many other consequences, causes the shortness of breath among those who suffer it. This is because emphysema attacks people’s lungs by systematically destroying all the tissues in charge of supporting the lungs both physically and functionally.

But things do not end there, as with all destructive illnesses, emphysema is an irreversible one, and once you get it, half the battle is lost and the only way to fight against it is with permanent emphysema treatments.

Of course, the main cause of this illness among patients who develop it is cigarette smoking. Cigarettes have become a social symbol and their usage is so embedded in today’s society that very few people seem to remember that they are as harmful and as addictive as any other drug out there. Cigarettes posses more than 60 highly toxic and addictive substances among which are tar and tobacco to name just a couple.

However, as mentioned above, due to the addictive nature of cigarettes, the development of chronic diseases like emphysema is a risk to which cigarettes smokers are more and more exposed to every time. And it is because of this that the importance of quitting smoking is ever more pressing for heavy smokers.

But quitting smoking is one of those things that are easier said than done, and many people who have tried it have failed to accomplish their goal of quitting because of the drastic measures it requires.

Thankfully, nowadays we have a great option when it comes to cigarette alternatives; they are known as e-cigarettes, and they could very well prove the alternative heavy smokers were hoping for in order to avoid the vast majority of cigarette toxins without giving up their smoking habits.

Electronic cigarettes achieve this by vaporizing a light nicotine solution, which then turns into a special kind of mist that can be inhaled by the smoker. All of this with no smoke and without the presence o tar, tobacco or any of the other harmful toxins present in cigarettes. And all of these packaged in a form factor that resembles real cigarettes in every aspect.