Creme de la Mint 16 mg

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Product Description

Enjoy the mintier side of life with our new Creme de la Mint flavored cartrdiges! Available in the 16 mg, this new cartridge uses advanced technology to bring you the experience of using a “tank” without the mess or hassle. With small windows on the sides, you’ll be able to see your eliquid and gauge how much you have left, meaning… no more dry hits or burnt tastes. These new cartridges also come with the new price of 9.99! Hurry while supplies last. 

Note: Does not fit in Rechargeable Pack 

Customer Reviews

Creme de la Mint 16 mg 4

creme de la mint

3rd Jun 2014



Ok let me start with i usually I don't go higher than 11 but the flavor sounded interesting so I decided to give it a go. I've tried all but tobacco, premium tobacco, menthol and 3 of the 4 ehooka flavors so...I've tried the peach mango there... I actually hated it at first hit...but went back and am hooked. I get more mint than anything else, but a sweet subtle mint that I really like. Wish it came in lower than 16 but...this is in my top 5 now along with coffee, grape, clove, and blueberry.

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