Disposable Electronic Cigar

Vape Master disposable electronic cigar - Red Label
  • Vape Master disposable electronic cigar - Red Label
  • Vape Master disposable electronic cigar - Red Label
  • Vape Master disposable electronic cigar - black label
  • Vape Master disposable electronic cigar - black label
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Product Description

The Vape Master Ecigar is the newest and best tasting electronic cigar on the market.  Our disposable electronic cigar replicates a traditional cigar in appearance and feels as if you're truly smoking a traditional cigar without the smoke or tar.  Our Vape Masters Ecigar has two distinct flavors, our Red line and our Black line.  The Red line has a smooth tobacco taste with a delicate hint of sweet honey and vanilla aroma.  The Black line has a nice rich and smooth Cuban cigar flavor.  Our Vape Masters are easy and ready to use right out of the package.

Average Life: 1000 Puffs

Flavor: Red Line (Sweet Sensual flavor) and Black Line (bold Cuban flavor)

Nicotine Strength: 18mg

Customer Reviews

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Disposable Electronic Cigar - 3 pack 4.7

It is perfect

6th Aug 2012



Reading all the reviews about electronic cigar, I have decided to try red label ecigar. I was very pleasantly surprised, even after the reviews. I was expecting a sweeter flavor, but it is a very nice blend between the tobacco and the hint of vanilla. I'm a fan of ecigars. I will be buying another flavor to test which I like better, but overall I'm happy that ecigars exist as I can use them where regular cigars are not allowed. As far as function of the unit. It's built well and produces good amount of vapor. Since there is not setup, it's super easy to remove it from the package and start using it immediately.

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 3 pack 4.7

This is really tasty ecigar

30th Jun 2012



I have smoked many cigars in my life, but my friends gave me to try red label ecigar. It really tastes great, perfect blend of Tobacco, Vanilla and something sweet. I want that formula :) Anyways, I enjoy to puff of the ecigar once in a while, something you cannot easily do with regular cigar. I will always smoke premium cigars, but this ecigar, will be around just in case I want a hit or two.

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 3 pack 4.7

Do bomb

28th Jun 2012

Kyle epuffer


This cigar is awesome. Very good flavor, not sure I ever smoked cigar of this flavor, but I really dig it. Took it work and puffed it at my desk, people were flipping out that I smoke ecigar at work. But in fact it's smells, so good that they are super cool about it. I will taking my red label to the party. good conversation starter. Check out my ecigar... :)

How long does thing lasts? I've been using it for 2 weeks now and it is still going strong. Cheaper that buying bunch of cigars and tastier.

Disposable Electronic Cigar - 3 pack 4.7

No smell

21st Jun 2012



I bought my boyfriend the disposable classic ecigar to give a try. He was really please with the way this Vape Master smoke, although the taste doesn't taste quite like true cigar, however he enjoyed it. There is almost no smell with these things, since you aren't burning anything, which is awesome for me, as I'm a non-smoker.

I'm going to buy red label next for him to try. By boyfriend is happy and odorless house makes me happy. Good product you guys!

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