E Cigarette Refill Cartridges

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Product Description

Over 20 flavors to Choose from. The Electronic Cigarette Cartridges will give you the ability to inhale nicotine droplets but without any of the other harmful chemicals found in regular tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette cartridges are available in many flavors like tobacco, menthol, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and many more. Get the refill Electronic Cigarette cartridges for the PremiumEcigarette.

Refill pack contains 5 cartridges. Premium Refill cartridges come fully sealed, so they can be stored for a long period of time. These cartridges will fit PR110,  PR111 and PR118 electronic cigarette models, and all the batteries included in any of our Starter Kits, including our Premium Ego Kit.

The color of the cartridge depends on the flavor you choose:
Tobacco, Peach and Pineapple - Tan
Menthol, Apple, and Pear - Green
Cherry, Red Energy, Cola, Strawberry, and Watermelon - Red
Caramel, and Irish Cream - Mossy Green
Coffee, Chocolate and Clove - Brown
Vanilla - White
Blueberry - Blue

Warranty Note: Due to strict health standards we cannot refund or replace any open cartridge packs.

Customer Reviews

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On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7


18th Feb 2013

David's Buttercup


I smoked a light menthol in cigarettes and had tried another brand first. I liked those ok but when I got this starter kit, I loved the menthol flavor of this cartridge and it is true that they tasted good from beginning to end. The other brand starts tasting burnt as it is running out. Thumbs up from me all the way!! I haven't smoked in 6 weeks!!! I was a pack a day smoker before and my grandkids are so very proud of me. :)

On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7

So Happy!!

6th Feb 2013



In times I tried to quit smoking before, I'd crave a cig and then after a puff, didn't want it, but then had the pack. When I got this kit on 12/24/12, I was out of my pack, so I have been using this since. I hardly smoke it ever now, but when I crave a puff, I use it and it is awesome - I like just tobacco, so it totally satisfies my craving!! I am buying one for a friend of mine, too. Just because it is nice not to have the smell and people very sensitive to the smell have said they don't smell it and you can smoke inside instead of freezing!!!!

On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7

Loving It!

5th Jan 2013



I have been a smoker for 11 years and absolutely hate the smell of cigarettes! I had tried quitting and every time failed. 1 week ago I received my starter kit, menthol with my flavor since I was a menthol smoker and it has been goodbye normal cigarettes since then! You definitely need to be willing to make the switch, but these premiums make it easy. No more smell, no more going outside when it is freezing and my plan is to eventually get off of the nicotine all together. Thanks premium! ( Note: if you are a regular smoker go with the 24mg. and if you are looking to switch from normal cigarettes I would suggest going with the tobacco flavor or menthol flavor to transition before trying anything else )

On The Go E cigarette Kit 4.7

Not Bad

12th Aug 2012



I was a smoker of more than 30 years, and just started using this brand of E-Cig. So far it’s not bad, but I find that the cartridges are not exactly a pack, but it is close. I started out using the 16mg filters but found they were not enough so I went to the 24 mg filters & they are much better. I use the menthol & find them to be good, but they have just a little bit too much menthol in them. All in all I find them to be better than real cigs, and they have helped with getting rid of those nasty thing, so thanks Premium.

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